Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation Review & Swatches


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation – I love shuffling in between various brands but somehow I missed out on Street wear cosmetics since sometime. Two days back I saw few lipstick testers at the counter whose shades looked impressive too. When I checked them out, I got a chance to pick two amazing shades. Keep reading to discover more on the shades.


StreetWear Color Rich Lip Color


  • Price: 160 INR.It’s available in INR 140 online.
  • Packaging: Street wear lipsticks come sealed in plastic covers which give me a sense of relief that I am using a brand new product. The shade name is printed at the bottom while its date of expiry at the side of the lipstick holder. It is quite sturdy and lightweight making it easy to carry around.


StreetWear Color Rich Lipstick


Shade: The shade 27- Pink Carnation is a subtle pink shade. It not bright and bubbly rather it’s a neutral pink shade. An everyday wear shade that actually looks good with several make up looks especially in daytime. This will suit all ages and compliment all complexions. Thankfully, it is not chalky pink which would have made this unsuitable for Indian complexion. This is a great option to be teamed up with office wear and interviews.




Texture and Pigmentation: I did not know and I am feeling so guilty that I never made an effort to check street wear color rich range. These lipsticks got a great texture that is in between waxy and creamy. Its glides so smoothly onto lips and does not settle in between lines. As I said it is creamy but not to the extent that it would break or melt in summers. As far as the pigmentation is concerned it is so full of color that one lipstick will last really long. The finish it gives is shiny and elegant.


Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation Swatches:-

StreetWear Pink Carnation swatch


Staying Power: Although it fares better than other creamy lipsticks in many arenas yet when it comes to its staying power it is as poor as them. It lasts for 2 hours or so and vanishes with full meals. However it is a moisturizing lip shade but I really do not know how to make this stay longer on my lips. Thankfully, it does not get patchy or leave any stains after vanishing away.

I am totally in love with this adorable shade so it is difficult for me to point out its bad points but again I cannot be biased in it. Street wear Color Rich range lipsticks smell weird which is the only thing I dislike in this. Apart from that I just adore this shade in a creamy lipstick, not that this shade is hard to find in other brands but I have mostly spotted this particular shade in matte lip colors.


Street Wear Lip Color Pink Carnation


Summing it up:

What I like about Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation:

  • Beautiful shade
  • Texture in between waxy and creamy,
  • Will suite all complexions
  • Glides smoothly
  • Hides lip pigmentation
  • Very moisturizing
  • Does not feel heavy on lips
  • Does not settle in between lines
  • Transfers very little
  • Not likely to break or melt in summers
  • Does not vanish unevenly
  • affordable

What I dislike about Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation:

  • Average staying power
  • Funny smell

Overall verdict:

In all this is a good pick if you are hunting for a neutral pink lipstick with a perfect creamy texture at an affordable price. Be sure that you would not mind its funny smell and average staying power.  I am surely going to pick up more shades from this range 😀 Have you tried Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color Pink Carnation?

Wise she rating: 4/5





  1. Very clean and beautiful lip swatch.. Zinnia. Pretty pink shade. looking great on ur lips. Now that it look pretty on lips I demand FOTD toooo 😀 😀

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