Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet Review & Swatches


Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet


Hi everyone

Just at the moment you are about to take this pledge that you are not going to buy any more lipsticks, you come across a shade that you cannot resist. This is what happened to me last week. I was having a stroll in lifestyle when my eyes fell on Revlon counter where these streetwear lipsticks were waiting for someone to walk up to them. I happened to like this shade so much that brand and everything else did not matter.


Streetwear color rich lipstick runway russet


Price: INR 180 (this price tag came as a surprise to me. I didn’t think they made any lipsticks at such a price anymore)

About Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick:

Streetwear presents Color Rich collection of Ultramoist Lipsticks that is sure to capture the imagination of any young, contemporary woman. With just the right amount of shine, this lipstick glides along your lips like a dream

It contains moisturizing agents that seals the colour and maintains the softness leaving a creamy texture and finish

My experience with Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet:

The packaging is cute and good enough for the cost. At this price, I thought the plastic would be too thin and fragile but this is not the case. The making of this lipstick is good enough and I like the cute cover too.


Streetwear runway russet ultra moist lipstick


Coming to the shade which is the reason for me buying this lipstick- it is a warm pinkish brown. I have never liked browns on myself but this one is a light pinkish brown and I instantly loved the kind of neutral shade it is. It will suit anybody and everybody and could become your go to everyday shade. This shade will interest women of all age group. If you have not tried such kind of a shade before, this is the perfect option to try without hurting your pocket.


Streetwear colorrich ultramoist runway russet


The texture is creamy which is again to my liking. Such a shade with creamy texture is something I could definitely not leave. On days, that I do not understand what shade to wear, I opt for this one and it has not disappointed me till date.

Looking at the price, I thought it would have that ugly smell that most low priced lipsticks have and which I cannot stand at all. When I smelled it, there was no trace of any smell.

So there was no reason I could say no to this one and I am glad I picked it up.


Streetwear runway russet swatch


Despite being creamy it stays for fairly long- 4 hours without meals which is good enough in my opinion.

Overall, if you want a neutral pinky brown shade in creamy texture at an utmost reasonable price- go for this one.


Streetwear runway russet lipswatch


What I like about Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet:

  • The packaging is cute.
  • The shade is a pretty neutral pinky brown
  • It will suit women of all age groups and complexion.
  • Texture is creamy
  • It stays for long despite being creamy
  • No offensive smell at all
  • The price is very reasonable.

What I do not like about Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet:

  • Availability is the only drawback with these lipsticks I think. I haven’t seen these online anywhere. These are exclusively available at Revlon counters alone.
  • Other than this, I do not have any complaints for this one.

Rating: 4.5/5

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Runway Russet?

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  1. Wow what a lovely lip swatch. You have sold this to me Sahiba.
    Now I am looking where can I buy this online .
    Thanks a lot. !!
    One more request Sahiba Could you please compile all brownish pink or Pinkish brown neutral lippies.


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