Street Wear Eyeliner Black Review


I am waiting for my MUA order since ages and its high time I should get it. Alas! It did not reach me yet and I have already started the procedure to apply for the refund. Maybe, Next time I will order at an address where stuff reaches quickly.  I have ordered for few eyeliners from MUA, my lakme instablack eyeliner finally got over. After like 3yrs or something, yes I hit the bottom with the Lakme eyeliner. Now I thought my MUA order will arrive so I will use my new MUA black eyeliner. Now can you imagine, a girl who usually have 4-5 mascaras, around 10-12 color pencil eyeliners doesn’t have a black liquid eyeliner. I immediately wanted one black liquid eyeliner, a good one of coz. So I went to a local store near my area, I don’t really have any beauty store nearby. Just a random store where they keep everything and asked for a black liquid eyeliner. The guy had Lakme counter but no Lakme eyeliners. Then he had Revlon and street wear eyeliners. The Revlon eyeliner was Rs. 700 with absolutely less qty. I did not find it worthy.  So I settled with Street Wear Eyeliner, the guy at the store told me “Madam, yeh bahot chaltaa hai and waterproof bhi hai”. Not that I listen to SA’s but this was pocket friendly and pigmentation look good to me.  So I got it J

  • Price – Rs. 199

Street Wear Eyeliner Review+liquid eyeliner+eyeliner review

Key Ingredients:Magnesium aluminum silicate, carnauba wax, propylene glycol

About  Street Wear Eyeliner Black –

Street Wear eyeliner gives precise definition to eyes. A smooth and soft application every time for a perfect line and for adding drama & definition to your eyes.

Street Wear Eyeliner Black Review+how to put on eyeliner+best eyeliner

My Experience with Street Wear Eyeliner Black :-

I personally like this eyeliner because its truly value for the money. It is indeed waterproof and smudge free. I rub my eyes a lot these days because I have an early morning shift so I kinda feel sleepy all the time but this eyeliner doesn’t smudge a bit. You need to have an oil based make up remover because its very difficult to remove it with an average cleanser. The eyeliner last all day long and need to be removed coz it can never disappear on its own.

Street Wear Eyeliner Black Swatches:-

Street Wear Eyeliner Black Review Hand Swatch+how to apply eyeliner+best eye liner

The texture of the eyeliner is a nice black with a little shine. It’s a little thick in form which is good, maybe that’s why it doesn’t go off so easily. The quantity is good for the price. However, I find the wand is too big for someone who is a beginner. In the start, I found it a little difficult to make wing liner look with this. But now that I am getting a hang of this eyeliner, I don’t have any problem. The pigmentation, texture, formula everything is 10/10.

Street Wear Eyeliner Black Review EOTD+how to put eyeliner on

What I like about Street Wear Eyeliner Black:-

  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn’t smudge at all
  • Good pigmentation and texture
  • Affordable pricing
  • Need a good oil based make up remover to remove it

What I don’t like about Street Wear Eyeliner Black-

  • Wand too big for the beginners.

Ratings – 4.5/5

Will I recommend this product – Definitely, a nice waterproof and smudge proof black eyeliner it is. 🙂

Have you tried Street Wear Eyeliner Black?

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  1. good one Erica…most people discount STreet Wear as a makeup brand..that was about the only thing I could afford when I was a student 🙂

    Elle 18 is good too..I bought it for those bindis!!

  2. Seems to be a great budget friendly product, and beautiful EOTD Ric :beauty: :beauty: , Have u used it on ur waterline too ?:-)


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