Street Wear Lip Color Satin Smooth Pinkaboo Review


By Latika,(guest post)

We all have our HG blush, shampoos and lipsticks so I thought of sharing with you my HG lipstick which suits my Indian dusky skin tone beautifully.I am completely in love with it and this you all can very well know by the quantity which I have used the product 😛

Street Wear Satin Smooth Pinkaboo lipstick

Price Rs 210 Street wear lip color satin smooth lipsticks are available in many colours such as red rose, pink puff, mauva mania etc.

Street Wear Satin Smooth Pinkaboo lipstick

Lipstick is very smooth, moisturising but drawback of the lipstick is its staying power. It just stays on my lips for about 2 -3 hours max.

Street Wear Satin Smooth Pinkaboo lipstick swatches

Satin Smooth Pinkaboo swatches

Street Wear Satin Smooth Pinkaboo 35 swatches

  • Lipstick has a boring packaging but it doesn’t melt much in summers.I wear it to my office most of the time and it has been almost a year since I have been using it 🙂
  • Will I re-purchase it again – It is a smooth, creamy, moisturizing lipstick which glides without effort but after using it for an year I am looking for a lipstick which will stay for long hours then this one. So if you guys can help me out then I may opt for something else otherwise this is always going to me one of my favourites 🙂

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  1. Nice colour….even i want to know what is the exact duppe of this colour which has better staying power….gurujiii helppp

  2. Hwy latika. Nice review. I possess a few Streetwear products amd frankly I think they are good for what we have to pay. The color is so beautiful. I have my HG red from Streetwear but I bought that looong time back. So, now I’ll go out hunting for the shade again. i guess I should be able to find it from Streetwear only.

  3. Latika, the color is so beautiful :-)) . My first lipgloss was from Streetwear & the second one was from lakme, I still remember that :inlove:

  4. Body shop…will check this week…btw me going tomo to charminar…will pick up some floral flowy fabric and get cute cute skirts done.. hehe….i dont find the kinda skirt i have been looking for so its better i get it tailor made…will send you the picks once i get them ready…..and make you girls go greeennnn :watermelon: :watermelon:

    • No pls send us your picks pls :worship: :worship: I’ll send you my address O:-) O:-)
      Anamika where are you? We have some skirts to loot after a few tant sarees :pirate: :pirate: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

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    • u know power yoga classes are so horrible expensive friend told me they r charging some Rs 500 per class..horrible!!!

  6. Is it?? but io think once you get the moves right you can always do it at home na…so i think you only need to join a few sessions…..lemme check on that one

    • yaa …one can learn it through you tube also i beleive but i never tried,,i know just yoga, surya namaskar and all.

  7. I daily do yoga at home…I joined yoga classes a year back to learn some basic yoga asanas which we can do daily at home..will share my daily yoga regime soon with you guys… :cute: :cute:


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