Street Wear Sheer Mascara Review


Street Wear Sheer Mascara Review

I have always been enamored by clear mascaras and was completely unaware that Street Wear had one. Can’t believe I overlooked it but I know it’s primarily because I always somehow end up at the Maybelline counter :-P. I generally avoid this brand and only rely on their nail paints. But by the looks of it, I may be doing some more peeking and snooping at the Street Wear counter on my next visit ;-).

Street Wear Sheer Mascara Reviews

About Street Wear Sheer Mascara:-

Street Wear Sheer Mascara makes your lashes incredibly long. Lashes look longer and perfectly defined and your eyes look irresistibly charming.

  • Quantity: 7.8 ml
  • Price: INR 200
  • Shelf life: Only the date of expiry in mentioned. I couldn’t find the manufactured date anywhere on the packaging.
  • Key Ingredients: PVP, Carbomer, Butylene Glycol
  • Packaging:It comes in a transparent tube with purple lettering and a purple cap. Or is it pink? ?:-) It’s actually pinkish purple…no wait… it’s purplish pink (scratch scratch). Oh never mind! :-/ It looks good and that’s all that matters (atleast to me 😛 ) There is no outer carton but it does come sealed in clear plastic with a sticker that mentions the expiry date.

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The wand is of the right size being neither too long nor too stubby. The bristles are very soft and not scratchy unlike Avon’s clear mascara. The bristles form a spiral pattern and are tapered at the end. I like this conical shape as it helps to separate and define lashes with ease. I also noticed that the wand is slightly bent at an angle. I’m not sure if this is the case with the piece I received or if it is originally curved. Anyways, I like curved wands since they help to curl lashes as well.

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There is no discernible fragrance once applied but if you bother to sniff the tube you’ll find a mild scent that resembles rose water.


This sheer mascara gives soft definition to lashes as claimed, and does make them appear longer. It does take atleast a minute or two to dry completely but that is generally the case with all clear mascaras.  Lashes feel mildly flexible and not spiky hard. If you’re expecting dramatic volume, curl and length, then clear mascaras are not for you. They only enhance and mildly define lashes.

I love using this when I’m in a hurry since I don’t have to worry about smudging or clumping issues. I especially like using this with mascaras that tend to have a formula that clumps. Applying this underneath aids in even application of the clumpy mascara.  When used on the brows, it takes quite some time for it to dry and may initially feel heavy. But once it sets, it feels light and holds well.

Street wear transparent mascara reviews

Although the pictures show a dramatic difference with and without mascara, in reality they look quite natural. Nevertheless, I wanted to show you that they do make a difference however subtle :lashes:


This was the first and foremost aspect I was concerned about since a Street Wear eye pencil I’d bought long back had given me a bad reaction and made my eyes water like crazy. Thankfully, I have not faced any such issues so far with this product.

What I like about Street Wear Sheer Mascara:-

  • Attractive, travel-friendly packaging
  • Applicator is of good quality and easy to use
  • Bristles are not scratchy
  • Defines lashes well
  • Did not irritate my eyes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily available

What I don’t like about Street Wear Sheer Mascara:-

  • Complete list of ingredients is not given

Rating: 4.8/5

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Final thoughts on Street Wear Sheer Mascara:

I see that a lot of people don’t have anything good to say about this product and I believe it’s because of high expectations. Clear mascaras can in no way replace colored mascaras. Black mascaras certainly give better definition, hold, length and volume and can transform your look. Clear mascaras are multi-taskers and can be used either on its own or in ways that I’ve mentioned in the review. Overall this mascara performs really well and the applicator is far better than Avon’s Simply Pretty Clear Mascara that I reviewed here  So for those who could not get hold of an Avon/ Oriflame representative  to try a clear mascara, here’s one that you can easily find and is budget-friendly as well :cute:


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  1. i am not a great fan of clear mascaras but this one makes eyes pop out .. and ur muttakannu is looking even more muttae .. great find nafi darling !!

  2. Ohhh those beautiful eyes….. :lashes: :lashes: :lashes:
    I have used Oriflame’s clear mascara, and after reading your review I feel this one may be better than Oriflame too.So as my clear mascara has already expired I am gonna get this one .
    :-)) Nice review Nafs.

    • My pleasure dear 🙂 It only makes them look slightly thicker…no dramatic difference actually. For thicker lashes it’s best to use black mascara 🙂

  3. ummm ive always wanted to try clear mascara …thanks for the nice review only thing im kinda reluctant to try street wear cause it is a very sub standard product…i think if im not mistaken they manufacture in goa??? with that elle 18 nah? I would use it for my brows… if i bought it….


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