Street wear tinted gold nail paint swatches, price and pictures


Street wear gold tint nail paint is perfect party wear nail paint.I like to wear it with sari or if I am wearing a gold border suit or gold jewelery.

Price of Street wear nail paint is Rs 90

nail paint

Swatches of street wear tinted gold nail paint

gold nail paint

  Likes –

It doesn’t have much of  shimmer and  gold is one of my favorite color
Decently priced and easily available

nail paint swatches

Gives subtle look when I wear it during the day

Dislike – Street wear polishes doesn’t stay on nails more than three days .

You might like this nail polish of street wear too.  
Nail polish swatches of streatwear wild child nail color


  1. Hey Anamika,

    The colour looks great on your nails !

    I was wondering if you could suggest a good french manicure kit, does any cosmetics company make ready made kits ?

    Else any particular nailpolish colours which work well for a french manicure ?

  2. Rupa sweets you can try bourjois.they come in beautiful packaging also ..even chambor is nice..I have used all of them during my college days 😀


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