Streetwear Kajal Review


Post by Swati,

WiseShe Nyx Mega Giveaway Entry #9.

This was my first ever Kajal which was gifted to me on my 14th Birthday. Ever since that day, I haven’t gone a day without kohl in my eyes. I used to go to school with kohl-lined eyes and all the guys thought I was too much into makeup (if only those guys could see me now!

Streetwear Kajal Review

They would realize how just kohl is not equivalent to makeup), but I would get loads of compliments from gals! I get waves of nostalgia when I think of this kajal because it reminds me of my teen years.

What the Company claims:

Absolutely nothing. Streetwear does not have a website and the only thing it says on the kajal is “streetwear is a trademark of Revlon”.

  • Price: INR 55 for 2.5gms.


Swatches of streetwear kajal


Revlon Streetwear Kajal Swatches
Now that I have discovered the world of makeup and have experimented with so many brands, some good, some great; I do not have anything to say about this Kajal. Lets get on to the pros and cons.

What I like about Streetwear Kajal:

  • You get a mind-boggling 2.5gms for just 55 bucks. What more can I say?
  • The color pay-off is good if swiped multiple times (See pic). Can be a torture for the eyelids, though.
  • You get a pencil sharpener free. I love free stuff!!!
  • I use this to practice my smokey eye looks at home. That way I do not waste any of my favorite kohls on practicising.

Revlon Streetwear Kajal Review


What I dislike about Streetwear Kajal

  • Smudges like crazy (See pic). I let it set for 5 mins and then swiped the swatches with finger once and you can easily see the result.
  • Texture could be smoother, since it’s supposed to be a kajal. Notice how flaky it goes on my lids.
  • Color pay-off after a single swipe (See pic) is ludicrous.

Would I recommend this: Only if you are looking for a cheap kohl pencil. Do not expect anything from this.

Would I purchase it again: Maybe. Only for sentimental reasons!

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