Streetwear New Launched Liptsicks Vs Elle 18 Lipsticks


Streetwear New Launched Lipsticks Vs Elle 18 Lipsticks

Hi Everyone,

Recently, we got to see some stunning shades from the New Streetwear Lipsticks so while surfing the blog, Anamika suggested to do a comparison post on both these lipsticks range!

So here I am with the pros & cons of both the lipstick range! Lets look at each of the aspects of these lipsticks together to make it easy to understand.

About Streetwear Lipsticks-

  • Enriched with vitamins which keep the lips moisturized throughout the day
  • Lipsticks glides smoothly and conditions the lips
  • Offers light weight and gorgeous color for a fresh look all day long
  • Creamier feel lipstick with hydrating effect on the lips

About Elle 18 Lipsticks-

  • Elle18 Color Burst lipsticks have a blast of color with the punch of cocoa
  • The intense moisturizing core in the center protects and cares for your lips


Streetwear Lipsticks-

INR 180for 4.2g

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

INR 110 for 4.3 ml


Streetwear Lipsticks-

Available at almost all the Revlon counters across the country. Also available online at Jabong for the time being.

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

Available online as well as at all makeup counters on Cosmetic stores

Shades Available-

Streetwear Lipsticks-

24 shades of Ultra moist Lipsticks

 streetwear wiseshe

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

30 shades of Lipsticks

elle 18 lipsticks reviews and swatches


Streetwear Lipsticks

These lipsticks have a re-vamped in packaging now and has a black  retractable bullet with a transparent cap which has a cute girl graphic cartoon on it! The shade name & number is written at the bottom.

Streetwear colorrich ultramoist runway russet

Elle 18 Lipsticks

These lipsticks are housed in black bullet with an opaque outer cover which has a girl graphic printed on almost all the lipsticks & other makeup products of the range. The shade name & number are as usual written at the base of the lipstick.

elle18 color pops crimson red


Streetwear Lipsticks-

The lipsticks from the new range have a creamy texture which makes it easy to apply the lip color on the lips without much effort. The moisturizing power is quite good in these lipsticks.

Streetwear runway russet swatch

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

The lipsticks from this range have creamy as well as waxy texture. Some of the shades are really very easy to glide while some need much effort.

elle 18 pink lipstick


Streetwear Lipsticks-

The pigmentation of these lipsticks varies in the range and some shades are highly pigmented which don’t need to be swiped more than one time to get the desired shade. While some shades need at least 2-3 swipes to get the required pigmentation on lips.

streetwear xoxo handswatch

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

The creamy textured lipsticks from this range have good pigmentation while other waxy textured ones need efforts to out up the exact shade of lip color on the pout.

elle18 tangerine shot swatch


Streetwear Lipsticks-

Not much evident fragrance is there in these lipsticks. Whatever slight fragrance is there is sweet smelling and not at all bothering.

Elle 18 Lipsticks-

An unpleasant fragrance which certainly stings the nose for a long time.

Staying Power-

Streetwear Lipsticks-

Average staying power is almost 1-2 hours without meals. Transfers easily while eating or drinking something.


Elle 18 Lipsticks-

These lipsticks stay for about 2 hours with eating & drinking. Even the light snacking will tend to transfer the lip color easily.


I hope the individual comparison helps a lot in understanding the best lipstick out of these two ranges.

In my personal opinion, although I have hoarded Elle 18 lipsticks more than Streetwear ones till now, I would love to prefer the new Streetwear launches because of the fragrance, formulation and  varied number of shades.

Which is your pick between Streetwear & Elle 18 Lipsticks?

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  1. Ya..streetwear are much least they don’t spoil good colors with swimmers in it..almost all good elle ones have swimmers in them (:-(


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