Strob Hair Straighteners Review & Pros and Cons of Ceramic Hair Straightners


By Prerana Sharma,              

I love long hair, but my hair are not pin straight as I want them to be. So for that I decided to bring home a hair straightener. After Googling a lot about the best hair straightener available in market I found  that Ceramic flat irons or Ceramic hair straighteners are considered to be safe for hair as ceramic heats evenly produces steam, this steam moisturizes hair. They are marketed as a damage-free way to straighten hair.

My Strob Ceramic Hair Straightner, price Rs1090/-

But now after gaining some more knowledge I came to know that, although gentler than traditional flat irons, ceramic hair straighteners can cause damage!!.. it can cause damage not only to your hair, but to your scalp and skin as well. Below I have mentioned some of the risks associated with using a hair straightener, so you will be better prepared when choosing the best product for your hair and needs, and to ensure you are using that product safely. There are 2 types of Ceramic straightners:

1) in which the irons have hard layers of ceramics. They are costly.

2) In which the iron have a thin ceramic coating sprayed on it which can wears off quickly and causes more damage, both from the heating element and the rough texture of the plate.These are less costly.

My Ceramic hair straightner has + and – buttons to adjust temperature level

Why Ceramic hair straightners are better than flat iron straightners:

Ceramic plates heats quickly and distributes the heat evenly throughout the hair. This seal moisture in hair and decrease the damage which usually causes due to heat. Non-ceramic metal plates heat unevenly and thus can burn or damage hair.

Then why Ceramic hair straightners are still unsafe:

Ceramic flat irons are used to straighten hair by applying heat and pressure to the hair. Damage occurs when the iron is held for long time in one area or used daily

The damages Ceramic hair straightners can cause:

1) Scalp Burning– It happens specially in case of short hair length. When we straighten a small section of hair, stem is generated. If the straightner is held for long time near the scalp, this steam can burn your scalp.

2) Hair burning– If straightner is kept on for a long time, the temperature sometimes reaches above 300 degrees. This intensely heated surface can burn your hair, hands, fingers, ears or any other skin it comes in contact with.

3) Hair Breakage– If you leave the iron on 1 section of hair for too long, it will burn and cause the hair to break.

4) Thinning Hair– Repeatedly running a flat iron over your hair will tug and pull at your scalp, causing hair loss.. The more often you straighten your hair, the more often you will lose excess hair.

Hair should be in good condition before using any heat styling tool. girls with hair that is already damaged will be at greater risk for further damage by using heat styling tools.

My Recommendation: Ceramic irons how much claims to be safe, they are not. They gets extremely hot. We should use hair straightners only in occasions and avoid daily use. Moreover, we should treat the hair with a heat-protecting product before using any heat styling tool.

Which Hair Straightener do you use and how is your experience?


  1. u know anshita..i get surprised the way you tube gurus use straighteners…i have many friends who use straighteners every day …some of them still have great hair and some of them avoid using it after a while.

  2. Prerana i just deleted it because i am too possessive about my relationship.. i know it is silly but i did that..m sorry about that.

  3. aah thank god i dont use anything on my hair.. ! (apart from shampoo of course :p )
    m just too afraid i will have no hair one day :O oopzz..!

  4. i have thick hair. healthy but wavy. i love straightening it. how often can i do so? and please tell the name of some precautionary products to use before and after.:)

  5. I want to buy Hair straightener can u suggest which is good? Phillips or Panasonic is better? if yes then which 1 is more better? and i want to buy in rs 1000-2000 range. i want to buy something which is effective and cause less damage.

    I will be thankful for your suggestions…:)

  6. yah ok anamika 🙂 and if u can suggest some other straightner? 😛 actually i hav to buy it in dis weekend dats y i was asking…

  7. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and the best one for me is the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it has tourmaline ceramic plates that cause less damage, it heats up to 460F for all hair textures, it’s dual voltage, and it leaves my hair soft, shiny and very straight, I luv it !! 😀 :yippee:

  8. The best straightener I recommend is the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it works pretty good, removes static and leaves my hair silky and shiny and super straight it’s great! :laugh: :dance-left-right:


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