Stunning Colorful Smoky Eyes & How To Get It


Stunning Colorful Smoky Eyes & How To Get It

Smoky eyes have been probably the best eye makeup trends which the makeup world religiously follows. Also it something which has never not been in trends. Be it a red carpet event or wedding occasion, somehow there is always an inclination towards smokey eyes as the best of the eye makeup which gives a very different look to the overall makeup!

MAC gravel eyeshadow+eye makeup with pink smoky eyes

A lot of women believe that smoky eyes are limited to only the dark shades of black, grey or deep brown. Well, in fact a smokey eye look can be achieved using any other shade like green, deep blue, plum, pinks etc. These look equally flattering on the eyes when done with a complimenting makeup!

So, if you wish to have a colorful smoky eye combining 2 or more shades then checkout the following ways. Then you can combine any shade of your choice. And then recreate the smoky eye with the choice of your favorite shades!

Kareena Kapoor smoky eyes Inspired eye makeup tutorial

Usually these are the following steps when talking about how to achieve a smokey eye look. It doesn’t make it look weird as if you got punched in the eye! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Smokey eyes with MAC Smut eyeshadow+creating smoky eyes+smokey eye makeup

Concealer & Eye Primer-

First step is to apply an eye shadow primer and a concealer beneath your eye s to cover up the dark eye bags!

Pink smoky eyes with MAC angel flame quad flame+eye makeup with Chamomile (creamy pale yellow

Always apply a thin layer of translucent powder just beneath the under eye which can later be disposed off. It is mainly to remove the fall outs during the process of smokey eye makeup. It is removed at the end with a large powder brush!

sleek eye makeup kohl pencil+smoky eyes with sleek kohl pencil

Choice of Base-

Now one can start first with the shade you wish to look more evident! For a blue eye look the blue eye shadow should be applied all over the eye crease area leaving the outer corner of the eyes!

Apply the light shade on the lower lash line towards the inner corner.

Pink Smoky Eye Tutorial

And then a darker shade should be kept for the outer corner to give that gradient look!

In case you are thinking of a pink smokey eye so you can add a purple shade at the darker edge and give a smokey look to that!

The Darker Hue-

Any smokey eye makeup has a darker hue which gives the smokey effect. For a black smokey eye, the shade is mainly a black matte eye shadow or a black dark kohl smudged over a light highlighter shade of bronze or beige!

Brown wearable smoky step by step tutorial

Always make sure to extend the darker hue towards the lower lash-line as well to give a complete look.

Area of application-

For small eyes the darker hue should be mainly kept for the outer edge. You should keep the dark hues lesser on the mid crease area as that will make the eyes look eve smaller.

But in case you have big eyes and a wide eye crease, you can leave just the innermost corner of the eyes. And start applying the darker shade from 3/4th area of the crease and blend it towards the outer corner!

smoky eye makeup

Apply Eyeliner-

You can ideally apply an eyeliner of your choice. It may be a liquid or felt tip eye liner on the upper lash line and eventually line the waterline as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brush off the fall-outs from the under eyes with a large powder brush or fan brush in a soft and gentle sweeping motion!

Dark smokey eyes MAC Unflappable eyeshadow+best smoky eyes

Apply Mascara-

You can curl your lashes and apply lost of mascara!

Viola! You are done with the smokey eye look! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you like these steps to achieve a smokey eye look with any eye shadow of your choice or with the particular outfit you wish to wear!

Have you tried the Famous Smoky Eye before?

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