Stunning Kryolan Professional Eye Makeup You Must Check Out


Stunning Kryolan Professional Eye Makeup You Must Check Out


Kryolan is an established name in professional makeup. Their makeup lasts seriously long. Last year at my sister’s wedding, I suggested her to get her makeup done with Kryolan products and the makeup lasted till she removed it. She even splashed her face with water before ‘bidaai’ but the makeup was intact. This has made me a serious Kryolan fan.

Kryolan has some really great makeup experts that keep dishing out stunning makeup looks. We especially love their innovative eye makeup looks that can give ideas to any makeup lover. Some serious is beauty is waiting for you in this post. Here are the Stunning Kryolan Professional Eye Makeup You Must Check Out-



kryolan eye makeup pictures

Starting with a dramatic look. Here we see a lot of gold coupled with dark black. The beautiful combination of black and gold is winner every time it is used. The double wings are looking even better due to a swipe of white eye shadow in between. I see some Marilyn Monroe inspiration here.


kryolan eye makeup ideas

A combination of blue and purple works wonderfully if you choose shades wisely. Kryolan artists show us exactly that in this look. I especially like the use of rhinestones in this bold and beautiful look.


kryolan eye makeup (1)

This popping neon eye makeup is seriously gorgeous. Yellow, pink and orange are making eyes stand out without the need for an eyeliner. Waterline has been highlighted with a white pencil to make eyes look bigger.


kryolan eye makeup professional

This is so cute, right? The black and white shimmery eye makeup has been made to look much better with a tiny bow near brow bone. Brown colour has been used to define the look.


kryolan eye makeup idea

The stark contrast of rusty orange with a shiny blue is definitely catching the eye. We usually see highlighter in the inner corners but here the blue has been taken all the way in and we are not complaining.


kryolan professional eye makeup

This is a really soft smokey eye look. The emphasis is on cat eyes. Waterline and lower lash line are softly smudged. This one is definitely the right like for a cocktail event.


best kryolan eye makeup

Olive eye shadows look good on a variety of complexions so this is one look that many girls can take inspiration from. Brown eyes carry this look a lot better. It is a heavy smokey eye and is really amazing.


kryolan eye makeup look

Want the Cleopatra look? Here is your inspiration. It is a shimmery metallic look. When you are in need of a lot of drama, go Cleopatra way and get complimented.


stunning kryolan eye makeup

This look seems to be coming straight out of our fantasies. Beautiful fairy tales have seemed to inspired this fresh look. The soft wash of green on lower lash line is lovely. Do not miss the colourful lashes.


kryolan eye makeup looks

This is perfection! You need be really good at your craft to achieve such clean look. You can see many colours but all of them are blended flawlessly. You can do it in any colour that suits you but again I would like to commend this stunning eye makeup by Kryolan.

Did you like these stunning Kryolan Professional Eye Makeup?

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  1. I adore the brand Kryolan. They are less expensive compared to other high end brands. I am using their concealer and loose powder. They are heaven !!! Can you suggest me which eyeshadow palette in Kryolan is good and the cost of it?


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