Stunning Lipstick Hues From Maybelline


Stunning Lipstick Hues From Maybelline

When it comes to drugstore brands, Maybelline definitely is a pioneer name in being popular with a large population for the affordability and extensive range of makeup products!

Talking about lipsticks in particular, it launches one of the most desirable lipstick shades with an amazing formulation and a steal worthy price tag to keep it economical!

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks

Here are some great hues and lipsticks you can pick out of these hues!

Pink Hue

This category offers some exciting shades that will keep you stuck to the brand. Available in five different shades, this is worth having in your vanity for the pinky mood days.


110 Fuchsia Flare – This color is definitely a requirement for lighter skin tones. Creamy, buttery texture combined with low pigmentation is definitely a must buy.

111 Midnight Pink–A definite treat for magenta lovers. A full party shade with smooth and creamy texture. Well-suited for office as well as gatherings.

Maybelline midnight pink lipswatch

103 Crushed Candy–This shade definitely deserves a place in your stock if you are a pink lover. Classy pink color with all playfulness to give you the extra vibrancy that you need.

Purple Hue

Maybelline Forever Mauve ColorShow Lipstick

A total tally of 8 shades to add to your vanity, Maybelline has solved the mystery of beauty with brains as it has combined the colors so well that you may wonder on the reasonable price worthiness given the different blend of colors on offer.

404 Forever Mauve An adorable shade to provide your lips a romantic turn. It is a complete chic wear at a reasonable price perfect for day time wear.

407 Mauve Power A perfect mauve shade as you may call it, its creamy texture makes you drool at the price of INR 299. Worth a deal really!

409 Burgundy Blend A definite sexy color mix of brown and red, making it a little different from what the name says. This is quite a bargain when it comes to the lustrous look it bestows on your lips.

Plum Hue

Maybelline Plum Tastic ColorShow lipstick

402 Plum Tastic A gorgeous shade in plum color making it a good choice out of many colors. The shiny buttery texture lends your lips a long lasting shimmer and attractiveness.

Violet Hue

Maybelline ColorShow Lipswatch VIOLET VIBE

408 Violet Vibe Another gorgeous shade, affluently packed, is available from Maybelline. This color is very vibrant and shimmery. This shade is neither completely purple nor mauve. It is a mid-color that adds to its specialty and makes it different from the usual shades.

Brown Hue

7 shades on offer under this color band and these are all unique to themselves.

309 Caramel Custard This color makes you go gaga over your own looks. Suited with all kind of skin tones, this color adds to your looks in more ways than one. Not only suited with Indian attire, this color suits you while you don western attire.

Maybelline Choco Latte ColorShow Lipstick

313 Choco Latte Another shade worth dying for. This shade adds to value to your look definitely.

Orange Hue

Maybelline Lip Color Orange Icon

Orange Icon is an absolute color to die for. A proper summer color to add to your looks when you team it with a summer wear to your office or some outing. This lipstick stays for complete 5 hours.

Nude Hue


Stormy Sahara– This ultra-creamy lip shade is definitely a must in your vanity since it adds to your sexy look and creates that ravishing avatar you always wanted. This is creamy and buttery in texture and stays on for 3 hours.

Have you tried any of these lipstick hues from Maybelline before?

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