Stunning Long Red Toe Nails


Stunning Long Red Toe Nails

We mostly concentrate on our hand nails and try doing something or the other on them playing with many shades of nail paints but did you look at your toe nails? Are you also one of those who dont pay much attention to toe nails? Then this post may interest you. All you need to do is grow your toe nails long just like you do with your finger nails and start experimenting on them.

Check these stunning long red toe nails here. This color is the most common one we see but is simply best and anyone can rock this shade especially on long nails.

long red toe nails1

This shade is slightly darker than the previous one and we love it on brides specifically. We are sure that you have definitely tried this shade. Grow your toe nails little longer and you are ready to rock this shade.

long red toe nails2

This one is an orangy red shade which looks so clean and fresh. This will suit perfectly with almost all your outfits and you can wear it confidently to any function.

long red toe nails3

Oh that rich red shade is very much attractive. This deep red shade is something to fall for. Pamper your feet with pedicure and apply this nail paint to get killer looking feet.

long red toe nails 4

This one is also a dark red shade you may like to try. It goes perfectly with any outfit. Do you have long nails? Then you can rock the shade well.

long red toe nails5

Have you ever tried this dark blood red shade before? We hope you did but tried on long nails? We totally love this darkest of all red shades. Make your feet look stunning with this nail paint.

long red toe nails6

This is another light red shade we love. If you are confused on which shade to apply then this can be the answer. It suits well all your outfits. If you have long nails then go for this shade.

long red toe nails7

Other than these shades there are pretty many red shades to try on your nails but did you try experimenting little more on your toe nails? We do such experiments on finger nails rather than toe nails. Start experimenting on them.

It you still don’t own any glitter nail paint then its high time to get one and attempt doing some easy-peasy nail art designs! These can amazingly enhance your feet. A glitter nail paint with a silver or gold line like the below one is surely a captivating sight!

long red toe nails8

Here it is something we totally loved. If you are going to be bride soon, then why don’t you try something like this? Make your feet look just gorgeous this way. Apply glittery nail paint and stick few stones over it the way you want to.

long red toe nails9

If you are someone who lovers floral designs, this design will surely impress you. This blood red shade is something to die for. Apply a shade like this and stick stones this way or you can use nail arts for the same. Grow your nails longer and enhance the look.

long red toe nails10

The sight of these long nails is really pleasing for the nail art lovers! They can simply do much more things except for applying nail enamel. This is how it looks like if you grow your nails really long. Try making good nail art on them.

long red toe nails11

This design uses gold and black nail paints to make such patterns. Did you try using gold shades on nails before? You too can choose two to three colors to make good nail art on your long toe nails but you need to do good color combinations else it may go worse.

long red toe nails

This one is really simple to do. If you are in mood to do something good on your nails for a party or any function but are running out of time, then this type of designs can save you. With good red nail paint and few stones you can create stunning designs on your nails.

long red toe nails

So, which one of these Stunning Long Red Toe Nails did you like?

Have you tried any of these toe nail art designs?

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  1. Even I wear red on toenails most of the time but somehow I do not like long toenails. I keep them trimmed but yes I have large nail beds naturally :))


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