Stunning Makeup Looks That Guys Love


Stunning Makeup Looks That Guys Love

Heya ladies,

How are you girls??? Happy doing makeup??

We girls experiment with millions of new looks, some do not even have names, but we know how to play with makeup and glam up our looks. But…….. Yes there is a BUT here also, have you ever wondered what kind of makeup does your guy love on you.



We know women always say that they dress up and do makeup for themselves, but now let us accept it, what our guy likes also matters to us. After all we need to keep our love partner always impressed. So how to get his eyes totally stuck on you. What makeup do guys love?

Today I shall share five best makeup looks that guys totally love on women. Have a look.

No Makeup – Makeup Look

Guys love this look the most; they always want their girl to be confident of what she has got! They love a no caked up, no makeup screaming face. A natural, No Makeup – Makeup look is what you need to carry. A little bb cream, with the slightest amount of blush and a tinted lip balm is all you need. Many guys do not like women covering up their real skin behind layers of foundation and faking up. I am not saying that covering up with foundation is bad, but when we talk about guys preferences, this is the way they prefer you to look – All Natural with a subtle glow.

Smokey Eye Makeup Look


Smokey Look

A sexy and mysterious smokey eye look is what most guys love, especially on a romantic date.  So girls polish your makeup skills, practice the best of smokey eye makeup looks and just let your eyes do the talking for you. Remember to pair nude lips with smokey eyes!

Smoky eyes tend to smolder, but you don’t always have to use black and charcoal to get your point across. You can try shades of brown, blue or even green to create a sexy, smoky eye. Save this dramatic look for evening or nighttime, though you can try a toned-down smoky eye during the day.

Light Eyes – Light Lips Makeup Look

Guys like it when a woman wears light sparkly shadow around her eyes that makes them glow and minimal lip color. You must be having that 60 color eye shadow palette and wish to try out different eye looks with the mix of those colors, but girls if impressing your guys is your intention with that eye look, then you must hold it right there. Guys do not like a whole rainbow on your eyes; they want it to be simple. And when it comes to lip makeup, instead of vibrant red, you can still put off a sexy vibe with lip color in subtle tones. Choose colors that complement your complexion and add a hint of shine with a thin layer of gloss.

Long Thick Lashes & Kohled Eyes


Kohled Eyes - Full Lashes


There is nothing more captivating for a guy then those long, thick, voluminous eyelashes that make your eyes pop, paired with heavy kohled eyes.  If a complete smokey eye look is not your thing then you can certainly try this, because this looks create an equal impact on guys. Skillful mascara application or natural looking fake lashes make it easy to get the right look. Also ensure to invest in a good quality smudge proof – waterproof kohl so as not to ruin the evening with raccoon eyes, also if you have any dark circles to conceal them first.

Bold Lips


Bold Lips

The oomph that lush red lips have is incomparable to any look. Perfectly applied red lipstick on full, lush lips is definitely sexy. If you sport this look on a date, ensure to apply the lip color on prepped up lips, also invest in long-lasting lip colors that do not bleed or transfer so that you do not have your lipstick marks everywhere.

So girls, now you know what makeup looks to play with when you intend to impress your guy. Do not forget to share what makeup your guys loves the most on you. My hubby loves me in almost all makeup looks, how about you?

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  1. Nice post, i feel, it varies mostly, some guys like no makeup, some nude makeup, and many smokey makeup and some other only bridal. i would want my future partner to like my makeup , or i will have to make him like it :p 😀


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