Style Decode of Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi


Style Decode of Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi

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I hope by now many of you have already watched Dear Zindagi. This movie has received mixed reactions, but I happen to like it a bit. It was a simple movie about a girl who is all messed up because of her childhood. Of course not a traditional masala Bollywood film, so I already expected that the movie would receive mixed reactions.

I was sure of one more thing; the easygoing breezy look of Alia Bhatt will garner a lot of praises. I liked her looks in the movie all were easy, doable, and so real. There was nothing too fancy to be real.

How about a style decode of Alia Bhatt from the movie! I could not wait for the answer, and here I am with the style decode of Alia Bhatt from Dear Zindagi.

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You got to agree on this, that all the attires from the movie were really cool. Be it the daisy dukes from the beach kabaddi scene, or the blush pink cold shoulder top worn in the cycling scene. I found one very common thing in all her attires, it was the breezy fits. She was rarely seen in body-hugging dresses and was in chilled out dress up throughout the movie. The flary maxi dresses, the comfy tank tops, the plaid shirts, graphic tees, ribbed & cropped jeans. We have it all. In the movie Alia’s closet was so similar to any common teenage girl.



Just as her attires were kept simple and cool, so were her foot wears. Her footwear’s collection varied from sneakers to strappy flats. The footwear collection in the movie wasn’t very elite but was something whose dupes could be easily picked up from a local market if budget is a problem. I could not grab many pics to show the different foot wears that Alia flaunted in the movie.

Hair Styling


Did anyone of you spot poker straight or a polished hairstyle in the movie? Not me at least, probably there wasn’t any. Alia plays the messed up girl in the movie, and to compliment the character, her hair were not played much with. The hair was kept curly, loose open or in some scenes, she would simply pull them back in a high bun or a simple pulled back pony. How realistic is that, I do not see myself doing anything but flaunting only these three hairstyles on a regular basis. Her hair really complimented the carefree character that she played.



Throughout the movie, she was seen carrying natural makeup face. Natural pink lips sans kohl on eyes were her regular makeup look in the movie. At some occasions, she would have the slight smokey look. Her skin looked flawless and the natural glow on her face made her look very adorable.



She was never over accessorised in the movie. In fact I could not recall one scene where she wore earrings. Funky bracelets, shrugs, delicate chains, sling bags, a pair of glasses were her major accessories.

In my opinion, Alia nailed the casual chic look and every look is so doable. How do you like Alia in the movie?


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