Style Secrets of Bella Hadid


Style Secrets of Bella Hadid

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bella hadid for cannes

The style icon of today’s youth- Bella Hadid is sure a name to be remembered. I really like the style she and her hot sibling Gigi Hadid. Well their style is all about being to the point. You can actually make out the attitude with which she carries herself. It has confidence; it has the pride of being what she is. Her beauty is well exuberated with her style statements.

She along with her sister appeared for the Versace Fashion Week 2017 just two days ago and you cannot ignore her. You just have to see the picture, and see her oh-so-perfect tummy. I am seriously in awe of her seeing her perfection when it comes to svelte and suave beautiful body.

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Trend is not important but patronage is

The secrets she uses are out though in the open. For those who observe her closely say that she always stays coordinated. Her sporty look and attire is very classy as she does not believe in trend alone. You could also see her carrying a sports jersey which was the style of the 90s. This clearly shows that she is more into comfort and then the class follows in her choice of things.

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Brands are important

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She is very much conscious of her public following so you would definitely find her sporting brand logos. You can see her sport the logos she wears and you would find them loud and clear.

Black is a favourite

bella hadid black dress

Wearing black is a favourite with her as well. She prefers wearing blacks on most occasions wherein she can be seen exposing the best parts of her body so very well though I am yet to decide what is so best about her body 😀

Concealer is a Bella’s best friend

bella hadid makeup

When it comes to her facial maintenance, she believes in hiding those dark circles behind a concealer like we do. She is a workout freak which obviously her body vouches for, which helps her stay void of any fat and also keeps her body in shape and glowing. This thus reduces the compulsion of makeup all the time.

Being bold counts!

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If you are also the one who has noticed her awesome red haute dress that she wore to the Cannes, you are right at it. I mean looking at it one could actually get a jaw dropped instantly and find her way to bold. But if you try and research about it, the dress had a secret body suit and hence it had no ways of being cheap or revealing in wrong areas. So what do we learn? Be bold but have your safety intact! Though looking at it even from a close angle, I am unable to decide on the security in that dress :P. But if her stylist says so, it has to be true.

I hope you liked a dedicated post on Bella Hadid. With the kind of fan following she enjoys, I am sure you would have loved to have her style speaking for herself so I decided to share with you the observations that are being made about her.

bella hadid red dress cannes

Do see her Cannes dress if you still haven’t, you are in store for a big surprise, let me assure you. See at your own risk 😀


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