Style Tips To Learn From Jennifer Lawrence


Style Tips To Learn From Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, I mean the girl we saw in the Hunger Games or in the Queen Bee, she is just awesome. Ever since people saw her on the silver screen, she has been a style icon. Her dressing style, her looks are just too worthy of idealizing.

One thing to note about her is that she behaves like a normal girl when it comes to dressing up. She has in fact eschewed the traditional fashion styles more than any copying of modern changing styles that are more about playing with colors. She is mostly seen in whites and blacks which make her look awesome. Her choice of dresses is also quite familiar giving her the “girl next door” look and appearance. She still has a uniqueness to her which is unexplained – may be her friendly smile, her naughtiness, her cuteness, her way to flaunt herself in front of the camera etc.


Let us quickly see what we can learn from her.

She wears casuals in style too:

Jennifer wears simple jeans and tops with canvas shoes like we would do, but still her look is just unavoidable! She carries herself well with accessories like a simple chain and goggles to add to her style. Not totally new but the newness prevails due to her way of accessorizing!

Jeans and t

She wears a Little Black Dress like us but still she rocks!–

Her blonde hair, nude makeup, no accessories at all, make her look all the more pretty.

black dress

She also wears a White dress!

Her white dress looks angelic on her and her way to accessorize it with shoes, chain and a simple purse looks just awesome on her.

White dress

She also puts on those heels! Her heels are quite fashionable and stylish and are very suited to the kind of attire she puts on. You can feel she has the sense of style when you see her wearing flats with her jeans and heels with her dresses wherein she looks simply superb.

jennifer premiere dress

All in all her looks are very much chic and approachable. Her ways to pose for the camera also speaks volumes about her friendly personality. She moves on with her own attitude which says I am also human and I can dress up well. She also seems to say with her dressing style that her sense of style is simply to be copied and she doesn’t mind that. That is what icons are for right?

If you look at her during formal events, you would again feel the urge she has to look as simple as possible, yet rock it!

Academy awards

Her red gown is simple yet so elegant. Her makeup is just about nude which makes her look even hotter. At her premieres, she chooses to catch all the attention which she totally deserves! Her asymmetrical dress that she carried on her movie premier was just exquisite and she nailed it on how to be a superstar!

So basically, what we can infer is that her style is totally coin able and one can easily dress like her without putting much effort. She herself seems to be casually dressing up, which is like less of effort but more of charm. And indeed she is a youth icon this way with less time to spend on anything but still the urge to look good at all times stays!

Do you like this pretty actress’s style?

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