Style Trends Celebrities Swear By


Style Trends Celebrities Swear By

Celebrities are often seen as style icons and one does follow them for their recent fashion pursuits. It is not less than a religion specially in India to follow the superstars. If you observe, these people look trendy in their simplest of appearances as well. While it is because they already have a name and people are always in awe of them, but it is also because they follow a different pattern of stylizing themselves that leaves them a little different than us. Let’s see how they make huge difference to their style statements through simple changes.

diva style kangana

One reason of their simple fashion statements off screen that comes to my mind is that since they are very much into makeup and hair styling during the entire year of their schedule they refrain from too much decking up during their casual days.

Kangana Ranaut

kangana chick style

She has always had a different knack of styling. Her way of dressing up is usually class apart and she is seen in different shades of styles. Even her hair are different, her glares are different and her dresses sometimes long, sometimes short. She looks hot and sensuous in whatever she wears. If she wears a simple jeans and tee, her accessories are always matching. See the picture, where she is putting on simple blue jeans with brown bag, belt and shoes. Her style statement here is the way she has tucked her t-shirt tucked in front and open outside at the back.

Her denims look even hotter when she has teamed it with white crop top. Her brown shoes are the same as in the t-shirt look. Well, Her hair are her USP so she is anyways at an advantage of making a different style statement with them. Even if she opens them, it’s a style.

Deepika Padukone

effortless deepika sty;e

She is another style diva! Her modern girl looks in the movie Piku and traditional girl in Chennai Express says it all. She in her casual attire looks even more beautiful than her on screen look. I have seen her pictures online wherein she is dressed in callous and casual Palazzos or Pyjamas with simplest of hairstyles like high pony tails or open hair. A simple shrug adds to her style statement or a plain spaghetti which would mean she is the youth icon for simpleton look.

Even if you see her wearing some modern outfit, she would put on a simple makeup with simplest of hairstyles. Her dressing sense is quite admirable and is easily adaptable since she herself stays so simple to be true.

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka style look

Often seen as the fashion icon dressing casually, Priyanka Chopra is always the talk of the town for her fashion sense. She is one celebrity who dresses as simple as possible and yet looks stylish. Casual tee, denims or printed pants and shoes! We would do it as a college girl or even as a girl next door but she being a celebrity, does that and spells her magic.

Thing to note are her choice of footwear, sunglasses and even the fits of her jeans are quite peculiar. Sometimes casual or slim fits and sometimes straight fit, ripped jeans find way into her fashion diary. Her choice of hairstyles is also regular girl next door type and she does not shy away from being a simple girl with no or less airs.

These style ideas can be easily imbibed!

Whose style do you find most appealing?

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