Mommie Dressing Week 11 – Loving Or Hating Facebook


Hi Everyone!

Every Thursday I do chit chat, video on my youtube channel and this time I talked about how facebook makes me feel depressed sometimes.To my surprise lot of girls agreed to it and there were many who even shared that they stopped using it for the same reason.

Thing is I don’t hate facebook that much that I would leave it.I like reading all the articles, love all the mommie groups who share their kids’ activities and recipes of course which I keep saving but never end up trying any 😛

I somehow have a love and a hate relationship with it now,  unlike previously when many a times I have thought of deleting my account.Ironically , my facebook page is doing pretty well..It’s so good to see so many of the followers interacting on a daily basis .So right now I am kind of little confused about the platform

How about you?..I would like to know what readers here think about facebook.



Please ignore my funny face below..:P I was trying hard to control my laughter

fashion blogger+maxi dress

Maxi dress – Aeropostale

Hasli neckpiece – Sadar Bajaar jewellery shop

See you next Monday 🙂



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