Mommie Dressing Week 10 – Life Moves On


Mommie Dressing Week 10 – Life Moves On

Hi Everyone!

See ! I told you I will be pretty regular with my Mommie dressing week series 🙂 Lets keep Monday as the day for all Mommie dressing update..I generally edit my Tuesday Vlog (VIDEO LOG) on Monday along with that I can do the OOTD as well . So both will go hand in hand 🙂


Recently, I went to make a Vlog in the Sarojini nagar market and OMG! people are really furious with the government, although I am someone who supports him, but the cash problem is getting worse day by day. I have heard that it will take a year for the economy to come back to its form again..I hope we still remain an optimistic market and we get lot of good brands here 😀 Also, if the economy goes slow then there will be less advertisements and less pay increase and less shopping too 🙁 Nahiiiii!


Also, these Vlogs which I have started enjoying crazily makes me shop too much and I swear I always think I am not going to buy much but it has becomes like a weekly spending activity for me ..An activity which I think I haven’t spent much on for the simple reason these markets are so damn cheap, I love visiting them so much .


I dream of the day when I will take my daughter to these markets and we shop and shop like anything. She will shun away my choice or who knows she will value my opinion..This is what every Mom wants but daughters never do it 😛



Outfir breakdown

  • Skirt – Globus (Got it from TATA Cliq website west side store..I wrote about it here)
  • Black top – ALDO, Its not a top actually its a dress which I always fold it up and use it as a top. Its pretty comfy so I like using it .



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