Stylish sandals for office this summer


Gone are the days which office meant all suit environment. Many MNC’s are becoming lenient in their policies. Even some of them are strict they are not that rigid when it comes to purses and sandals. More so wearing shoes in summers is not comfortable .Everyone wants to be relaxed and wear sandals during spring and summer season.

Here are some tips while choosing your sandals during this summer:
1. Always get a sandal which fits you well. Design and style is important but if it doesn’t fit you well then it will start flopping against your foot with every step.

2. Buy neutral colors which will go with almost all your dresses.

3. Don’t overdo with styles and start choosing flowery sandal for your office wear.

4. Buy sandals of low or medium heels. As you have to wear it for at least 7-8 hours ,there is no point buying high heels and getting hurt. Of course if you want to look taller and stylish then you can wear high heels when you have to give presentation in your office.

5. Choose a sandal with a lightly cushioned foot bed for all-day wear such as an espadrille wedge design.

Below here are some new sandals

Above style goes well with kurti and salwar suit of any color.

This type of sandals looks great with trousers and jeans.

These tiger prints flats are a must have when you totally want to be at at ease .They look stylish and classic and give you a trendy look.Will go with almost all your outfits.

This ultra chick high heels can be bought for a special day when you want to give presentation in your office. They look perfect on a women who is modern, intelligent and knows what she wants in her life.



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