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Summer has started and it’s time to try new hairstyles.My hair is thin,dull and lifeless due to the humid weather. I was thinking to invest in a good mousse for a long time to make my hair look voluminous and soft. I have seen lots of YouTube videos where many hair stylists suggest alcohol free mousse for dry hair type. I started purchasing different salon brands like Big sexy hair root pump plus volumizing spray mousse which was pricey and didn’t last for more than two hours. So I decided to try my luck at local drugstore brands which is cheap and worthy.

I went for shopping last weekend and saw lots of Suave products at my local drugstore. I was so skeptical about the basic drugstore Suave brand because it was damn cheap and I have never tried it. Atlast I decided to pick Suave volumizing mousse. This is my first Suave product and I was really excited about this product because it was alcohol free and it contains Folic acid and collagen .Both the ingredients are healthy for hair follicles .


suave volumizing mousse review+hair care products

Incase you have dry hair please stay away from alcohol based mousse products and try using products containing natural ingredients.

About Suave Volumzing Mousse :-

It claims that it adds 4x more volume to hair .And also claims to volumize as well as MATRIX Amplify Foam Volumizer .

Ingredients:Water (Aqua),   Polyquaternium-11, Steareth-2, DMDM Hydantoin, Butane, Collagen, Folic Acid ,Isobutane,Polyquaternium-4, Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Propane, Fragrance (Parfum).


How to apply Suave volumizing mousse:-


Shake the aerosol can well and dispense a small quantity into your palms and then apply it to your damp hair starting from root to ends. Later blow dry your hair using round brush.


suave volumizing mousse review details+best hair products


My experience with Suave volumizing mousse:-

I applied Suave volumizing mousse to my hair after regular shampoo/conditioner wash. The consistency of the Suave volumizing mousee is light and foamy and not so sticky and it easily spreads into the hair follicles. It also smells fantastic. I later blow dried my hair using a round brush. I must say that my hair was bouncy and full of volume the whole day.

It contains collagen which is not only good for your skin but your hair too. Collagen adds thickness to each strand of your hair so I’m using it daily.


suave volumizing mousse review hand swatch+hair products


This product made my hair really soft after hours of application even after the next day. I really love this product not because it’s cheap but it feels good in my hair, it seems to diffuse right into my hair. It also provides good hold and nice lift for special occasion hairstyles. I must say that my curls were well defined after I used this product. Overall a good mousse and works the same way as expensive salon brand counterparts.


What I like about Suave volumizing mousse:-


  • It’s alcohol free and contains collagen and folic acid which adds fullness to hair.
  • Excellent packaging and doesn’t spill during travel.
  • It doesn’t make the hair sticky.
  • Hair feels soft and shiny after hours of application .
  • It reduces frizz.
  • Doesn’t leave any residue on hair and holds the curls well.
  • No harsh smell.
  • Hair is not crunchy after use.
  • No oil based ingredients.
  • Small nozzle which ensures zero product wastage.
  • Reasonable Pricing .


What I don’t like about  Suave volumizing mousse:-


  • Not available in India.

  • Price: 2.89$ for 7oz at Walgreens. Prices may vary.
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Warning: Do not use the Suave volumizing mousse near heat, flame or while smoking.
  • Will I repurchase Suave volumizing mousse? Yes,definitely.
  • Will I recommend Suave volumizing mousse ? Yes.


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