#SubsribeToSmooth Gillette Venus : 7th Day Experience


#SubsribeToSmooth Gillette Venus : 7th Day Experience

Hello Everyone,

I hope you already read the #SubscribeToSmooth Gillette Venus Event Details I shared last week! Well, I mentioned that I have taken up the 30day #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge with Gillette Venus where I will rely on shaving to remove the unwanted body hair! This challenge has also debunked some of the commonly prevailing myths which we get to hear about shaving!

gillette venus shaving kit 7thday experience

So, here is a 7th day experience that I am sharing with you all and will also try to answer any of your shaving related queries!

When it comes to hair removal, I have never shaved in my life! I have used my husband’s razor few times when there was an emergency and threw it off without his knowledge! Well, the use of razor left me with cuts and blood and the most bad ingrown hair which was a pain for me to tackle with.

gillette venus shaving experience #subscribetosmooth

Last week when I got a chance to attend the #SubscribeToSmooth Gillette Venus Event, I thought of trying it out and happily accepted the challenge!

Well, I am fairly impressed with the results and looking forward to shaving as a great way to remove hair on the body!

7th Day Experience

Since this is a 30day challenge, which will go for a month, I thought of keeping the readers updated and will be sharing my 7th day experience here! Well, in 7 days so far I have used this razor for about 4 times and it takes me less than 5 minutes to remove hair on my arms and legs! Life is so cool with such quick fixes!

gillette venus quick shaving experience

Many of us use conditioner for shaving as it is soft and slippery but I would suggest to try the Gillette Venus Shaving Foam to get even better results after shaving! It moisturizes the skin and tends to make the area smoother!

gillette venus shaving 7th day experience

Well, I will be sharing more experiences as the 30 day challenge lasts. If I get results like this, I might completely switch to shaving and ditch the painful and time consuming methods of hair removal. This is so cheap and painless way of getting smooth hair free body within a matter of few minutes.


One of the most common myth associated with shaving is that it makes the skin dry!! Well, talking from my own experience I didn’t feel any skin dryness in 7 days owing to the fact that shaving has been new to my skin! I strongly feel that if you use the right products to remove hair, there is no chance to get any effects like drying or stubborn hair re-growth at all! I recommend to try the complete kit together and see the awesome results yourself! 🙂

The best thing is even if you get a re-growth after few days of your holiday, there is nothing to worry about as it will just take few minutes to get rid of the hair! 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates on my shaving experience with Gillette Venus and I will be coming up with a video as well on WiseShe Makeup Channel sharing my extensive thoughts on the 30day #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge with Gillette Venus.

I f you have any queries or concerns related to shaving, drop in the comments and we will answer that for you!

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Have you tried Shaving for hair removal?

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