SUGAR Eye Told You So Water Proof Eyeliner In 01-Black Swan Review & FOTD


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SUGAR Eye Told You So Water Proof Eyeliner

Hello my Awesome-blossom Girls! You all would have read my latest post on What’s in my July Fab Bag which my very favorite Anamika, sponsored for me! 😀

The product I am going to talk about today is a full-size makeup product which I received in my favorite subscription bag the fab bag for July! The eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner, and it claims to be waterproof.

Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner Product

And just so you know, this is my very first liquid eyeliner that is, the first liquid liner which I will genuinely be using; I tossed away my Lakme instaliner well within a week, I just couldn’t come to terms with eyeliner application with that one!

About Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner

The brand SUGAR is newly launched, and was a relatively unheard of brand which was introduced to me through Fab bag. It is a German-based makeup line and the Eye told you so! Eyeliner claims to be long lasting a whopping 24 hour claim (which I have doubts about!) and totally waterproof.

Price—699 INR for 1.7 ml

Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner

Packaging: Talking about packaging, this eyeliner comes in a sturdy, yet sleek black tube which is really light, and appears quite travel-friendly. The tube is very compact, nothing too exorbitant, and it comes in a very sleek, but utterly colorful outer packaging. The pouter cardboard packaging has these really cute graphical print on it, and on it is printed the brand name sugar, and all the other details regarding the shade name and number. The tube has a rotating seal kind of a cap, with an attached applicator and the cap shuts off without any major hassle. The packaging seems quite easy to work with and spill-proof to me!

Yep, spilling my makeup in my bag is my most dreaded nightmare!

Shade and Color Pay-off: The shade I received is 01-Black swan, which is a jet black; I dare say, the blackest of the black liners I have ever used. The eyeliner goes totally opaque in a single swipe, it did not require multiple swipes for a rich color-pay off.

Sugar EYE TOLD YOU SO! Waterproof Eyeliner in 01 Black Swan

Applicator: I got offended by liquid liners just because of their paint-brush like applicators, which I seriously couldn’t use. Leave alone thin, crisp winged liner; I couldn’t even use it to draw an even, thick line. Yes, I am so bad with liquid eyeliners. But this eyeliner and it’s spectacular sponge-applicator has changed my entire perspective! Yay, finally!

The applicator is a conically sculpted sponge-based applicator which picks up just the right amount of product, and distributes it evenly. It can give you the best of your winged liners, and thin no-eyeliner looks which sometimes seems unattainable with average liquid liners.

SUGAR Eye Told You So! Water Proof Eyeliner In 01-Black Swan swatch

I am definitely keeping this tube even after I run out of the eyeliner just because I don’t think I am getting any better applicator than this.

Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner EOTD

Pigmentation and Texture: As I stated earlier, the liner has an amazing jet-black hue and it surpasses my expectations in terms of pigmentation as well. I’ll just repeat myself the blackest of the black eyeliners I have ever laid my hands upon. Talking of texture, I believe the liner has the most perfect consistency, just the perfect for a workable liquid liner.

Staying Power: Though the company claims the product to be lasting for 24 hours flat; I would like to contradict them here. 24 hours? Naaah, ah! I was not taking this even on reading it, but when I tried it, I was actually surprised! I have really oily lids, however I set my lids with a dusting of powder before applying any eye makeup. Plus, the water-proof claims are true, as I tried this liner during monsoons and it did not wear-off, nor did it scrape off. And the best [art, it is very easy to remove using just water and soap.

When I applied it without any primer or translucent powder, the liner lasted for a good 6-7 hours yep, it did not even smear or smudge.

But with a slight dusting of powder prior application, the liner lasted for a good 9-10 hours. Though not 24 hours, but even an average of 7-10 hours is really commendable.

Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner LOTD

What I like about SUGAR Eye Told You So! Water Proof Eyeliner In 01-Black Swan?

  • Jet-black
  • Long-lasting
  • Amazing applicator
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to remove

What I don’t like about SUGAR Eye Told You So! Water Proof Eyeliner In 01-Black Swan?

  • Doesn’t stay for 24 hours, but that is okay with me!

Do I recommend? A big YES!! All those who are afraid of liquid eyeliners, this one is the most apt product to shed off all your inhibitions and fall in love with the most amazing makeup product ever the liquid liner!

Rating: 4.5/5 (I would have given a full 5 if the company had not made the 24 hour false claim).

Also checkout the interesting  video

Have you tried Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner before?

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  1. The eyeliner sounds perfect for someone like me who can’t just get around using a liquid eyeliner, can’t wait to get my hands on it..

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