Sugar scrubs – Sugar lip scrub

I had this lotus lip balm with me which I don’t use any more.When you are in a habit of trying lot of products and then  you come across some thing interesting  it becomes difficult to complete the old one.This is what happened with this balm.I was fond of it until I came across my nivea lip balm.
So this lip scrub recipe is for those who have lot of lip scrub lying and they don’t know what to do with them.This is a DIY scrub which will exactly take 5 minutes of your preparation time.
So here we go with our lip scrub recipe
How to make lip scrub
Step 1 – Take any old lip blam of yours which comes in a pot and you are not interested in using it any more.Using lip balm which is smooth and non sticky is advisable.
Step 2 – Add some old granulated white sugar in the pot.
Step 3 – Mix the sugar with the lip balm.
  Step4 – That is it!!! Your home made fresh sugar scrub is ready to be used.
This is an interesting and tasty lip exfoliator which you will enjoy using.

After making the scrub I store it in the fridge so that sugar doesn’t melt away.

How to use sugar scurb
Just rub the sugar scrub all over your lips with your finger and clean it with a tissue.
Warning – Chances of you eating the sugar scrub  are quiet high  .. atleast I do it most of the time
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  1. Yup…..u have become a lotus ambassador….i have a got lotus moisturizer because of you only 🙂
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  2. Porrnima..this DIY is like lush scrub and i complete it in a two weeks only..
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  3. hi anamika,
    already feeling like eating it..this reminds me of a lip gloss dt i hv lakme wala in bubblegum.. n half of the time i apply it..jus bcoz i wannna taste it, can u beat


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