Sugar Skull Makeup How To


Sugar Skull Makeup How To

Hello makeup-freaks!

How are you all? My craze for makeup has reached its soaring heights all thanks to team wiseshe and Anamika ma’am who gives me an opportunity to scrape into the very essence of the art of making up. I have, in the past written a few posts which were very different from the cliched makeup how to posts, like Cleopatra makeup, or say, avant garde makeup and so on!

Gong with my craze for exploring the unexplored themes in the Indian Makeup market, I am here to go about with the how to post on Sugar-Skull makeup look which has both edginess of a chic skull and the femininity of the floral patterns!

Sugar Skull Makeup

1. Dig in with a smoothing and lasting primer

The very basic to any makeup look is to dab on and even out the skin using a smoothening and brightening primer, which will also make your makeup go on smoother and also will make the makeup last long.

2. Create the sockets with a nude color eye-pencil and fill in the waterline with a black kohl

Use a taupe or nude colored pencil to create a hollow-like socket structure for the skulls eye area. Start from under the eye, and create a rounded structure till above the brow bone. Make sure to draw equal structural hollows on both the eyes. Next, take a black kohl and line your waterline to add some depth and definition to your peepers.

3. Fill in the sockets with a deep purple-black face paint

Take a deep blackish-purple face paint (you can also use black gel eyeliner, though I would pass on it) and dab it suing a flat brush. Use the edges of the brush to trace the spherical socket and the flat end of the brush to dab the paint on smoothly and evenly.

Sugar Skull Makeup

4. Layer the paint with a shimmery mix of purple-pink pigments

Wait till the paint sets a bit. Mix up some deep purple-deep pink powder pigments and dab it onto the eye-area of the skull (the one you just created).

There may be some fall-ups from the powder pigments which can be cleaned up using a makeup remover and a q-tip.

5. Paint the rest of the face with an opaque white face-paint

Now that the powder part is done, start creating the opaque white base using a white face-paint. Activate it with water and work in thin layers. Build up the color intensity rather than going on with it all at once in a thick coating. The final outcome should be an opaque white base resembling the opacity of a skull. Make sure to paint the lips with the white paint too.

6. Use a black face-paint to create a U shape on the nose

Use a black face pant to add dimension to your nose now. Take a small tapered face brush and paint a U shaped structure on the lower-bridge of your nose. Now paint all the area under the U shape in the same black paint.

Sugar Skull Makeup

7. Set the entire base makeup with a translucent powder

Like with any regular makeup look, set the entire makeup (once it has dried) with a light dusting of translucent, or if you can manage, white powder. This will keep the makeup in place and keep it from going haywire.

8. Use a pinky-peachy blush to create the hollowness of the skull

Now comes the contouring for the skull. You can use a brownish-bronze blush for this step, but going with my floral sugar-skull theme, I would prefer using a pink blush which shows up really bright on the stark white base. Use the blush just under the cheekbones to bring out the sallowness of the skull. To further intensify this sallowness, use the same blush above your brow bones to create a hollow-like effect.

9. Use the same blush on the lips with a fluffy shadow brush

Because the lips lack any shine or life use the same blush with a soft fluffy eye-shadow brush to dust a layer of color on the lips. This will give a flush of color to the lips without looking too done up.

10. Use a thin-tipped brush to line the inner rims of the lips with a black face-paint

Using a really thin tip brush, draw a line on the inner-rims of the lips to give them some depth. Now using the same paint, extend the inner lines outwards (make sure to keep it thin, so as to make the mouth structure look elongated and really spooky).

11. Create the teeth like structures on the lips using the same brush and paint

Take the same brush laden with black face paint and create thin lines upwards and outwards from the inner corners of the mouth to create teeth-like thingies which we see on any random skull. 😛

12. Add jewels or floral prints on the sockets of the eyes to create femininity in the look

Majority of the look is done with the above step. But if you are too keen to show your feminine side, start playing up with the socket area and your forehead. Add floral prints to the socket, keeping the black-purple sphere as the base of the flower. You can even add complementary shadow colors to smoke out the spherical sockets a bit and add more depth. Just let your imagination let loose.

13. Add free-hand designs (keeping in mind your general theme) on the face

Another step for the more daring ones is to draw free hand graphical or floral prints say on your chin, under your cheeks or even your neck to further intensify the spookiness of the sugar-skull makeup look.

Have you tried the Sugar-skull makeup trend?

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