Summer 2010 hottest bags

Hand bags are just not bags but they are today’s women obsession.I have few friends whose ward robe is filled more with bags rather then clothes.I myself is obsessed with bags and when ever i go bag shopping i always end up buying two atleaste.Bags brings an instant smile on my face.

Nowadays women spent considerable time in choosing bag for their outfits.Recently I went to Greater Kailash Market and I was surprised to see so many famous brand replica out there.Women were buying them all .So you can see how women are going crazy over bags and will do any thing to get lui vitton,Gucci, Prada ,coach etc etc .

Below here are some bags which can make you go weak in the knees.

Like previous year shoulder bags are still a favorite choice

This eye catching red color leather bag is a must for work place.It will full fill your requirement to add tons of stuff into it.

For those who want to try different color then this season you have great chance to flaunt them.

White for every season can never leave fashion abode.

Draw string bucket bags are a huge trend for spring and summer.

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Fashion notes:

1.Average bags have replaced big bags now.

2. Denim bags are back in fashion too.

3.Classic clutch and causal tote are still in fashion.To have a sneak peak of these bags click here.



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