Summer Beauty Trends You Must Check Out


Summer Beauty Trends You Must Check Out

Summer is busy frying us but it is impossible that we girls can forget about staying chic. Beauty trends keep changing throughout the year but some of them are timeless too. Summer is that time of the year when we do not want heavy layers of makeup and the new trends regarding makeup and beauty indicate just that. Here are the latest Summer Beauty Trends You Must Check Out-

Natural Is The Word

10 No Makeup Pictures Of Katrina Kaif -09

Natural look is not about a no-makeup look anymore. It means going makeup-free. You might have seen this in fashion magazines and on the ramps as well. An absolute bare face is the way to go. If you want to follow the trend but are not very comfortable about showcasing your spots then wear only concealer. No kohl and no lip color.

Eye Trends

Purple smokey eyes eye makeup

Besides going au naturel you can try some other makeup looks that are going to be trendy. Pastel eye makeup is making its presence felt. Purple is the new favorite for eye makeup. You can try smoky eyes in shades like lavender and lilac.

For eyeliners, black is back and you can wear it in any style you like.

Lip Trends

nyx cosmetics lip gloss classic red

The lovers of popping lips need not worry as red lips are quite hot this summer. Besides true reds, think red with the hues of pink or orange. Berry lips are In. You can wear red lips with a stain like effect or smudge them a little.

Hair Trends

beauty trends for summer 2015

The best thing about new hair trends is that they are simple and very everyday kind. A low ponytail which is one of the most common hairstyles is super trendy for summers. The slightly off-centre parting is really fashionable as it gives an easy going vibe. If you like to experiment with your hair, try woodstock curls. These are loose romantic curls which look pretty. Crimped hair is also coming back in trend.

And if you are too busy for these, just wash your hair and step out to flaunt the natural beauty of your hair.


Hair Gold Accessories -Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pin

Gold and silver are going to be the metal of choice this season. Think accessories and think of these colors. Whether you want flash tattoos or something to adorn hair, these basic metallic hues are the way to go.

What are your favorite Summer Beauty Trends?

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