Summer Must Have To Keep Sweat Away!


Summer Must Have To Keep Sweat Away!

Summer season means bright sunshine, holidays, chic outfits and lots of fun. This is the best season to enjoy with family and revive ourselves. In Summer time makeup should applied strategically in order to look good and enjoy to the fullest. Some of the Summer must haves to keep sweat away are listed below:

sweat free face

⦁ Always use Primer

 best primer

A good Primer is a must have in hot summer day especially if you want to keep sweat and shine under control. A primer will help makeup stay put in a hot summer day without clogging your pores. The light weight texture and smooth finish does not feel heavy at all and instantly brightens up the complexion.

⦁ Oil-free makeup base

best base for oily skin

Select your makeup base wisely in Summer and go for oil-free formula. Matte foundations and BB creams are appropriate during hot and humid climate. Always use minimum quantity as you can always build it up and it will prevent from clogging the pores. You can even use concealer rather than going for foundation to avoid looking ckey.

⦁ Always keep Blotting sheets with youBlotting Sheets review

It is inconvenient to always wash your face and blotting sheets come at your rescue. To remove excess oil and keep face shine and sweat free, blotting sheets are very good. This will not move your makeup.
⦁ Use dry shampoo for oily scalp

shampoo for hair

One cannot forget our hair in hot and humid weather in Summer. As we use different methods to keep sweat at bay from face, our hair also gets really sweaty. A good dry shampoo can be used to keep oily and sweaty scalp in better condition. It also makes hair more manageable.
⦁ Facial mist is a must during Summer

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The facial mist can be used immediately after sun exposure to help reduce redness. Harsh Sun makes our body dehydrated and makes us look dull and tired. These face mists help skin retain its pH balance and soothes skin.

⦁ Go for Cream blushes

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In summer, sweat can ruin the efforts we put in applying makeup. So going for cream blush over powder one is a good option. Staying power of cream blush is better and it does not come off as we sweat. Make sure to use less quantity as these blushes are extremely pigmented.

⦁ Go for Anti-Perspirant roll ons:

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant review

Anti-Perspirant roll ons are very useful in summer as it makes you smell good and keeps sweat under control. It is a good alternative to regular deodorants and quite affordable as well.

⦁ Applying Ice Cube on face:

benefits of ice cubes

Ice cubes help in reducing pores thus preventing oil formation on T-zone area. Also it soothes irritated skin due to harsh sunrays. It can also be used prior to applying makeup. Using Ice cubes is best known for making skin dewy and naturally glowing.

⦁ Look stylish with A head scarf:

head scarf

This is the best time to experiment with different hairstyles and try nice haircuts. A head scarf with flower patterns always looks chic and changes your look completely.
⦁ Always stay hydrated:


Water is the best way to rejuvenate the skin and keep ourselves hydrated. Due to extreme heat we get dehydrated and that’s the root cause of most of our problems. So consumption of good amount of water can help us beat the heat!

Hope these tips are useful to you. Enjoy the summer without worrying much about it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing.I thought at first,it would be that usual-boring-same-everywhere kind of post but it’s really informative.I just wish if i could know about those cream blush brands and smudgeproof liner or kohl suitable in such weather☺.


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