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By Candy (Dipti),

It feels like it was yesterday when I went to Amsterdam with my friends to celebrate New Year and it’s already March! 🙁 That means it won’t take long till summer. So I thought of writing this today because  I was doing a little research! 😕 Hmm!

Everybody knows that sun protection is really important to protect us from UV rays.

Sun protection for Infant sun protection

The Ultraviolet rays contain UVA, UVB and UVC. When these rays hit the skin, some get scattered, some reflected but many of it gets absorbed by the skin. It damages the DNA cells. This can lead to cancer, eye damage or even blindness.  And I can keep on going with all the other stuff which everyone has heard may be 1000 times.

I can write to use sun protection every day. Not only in summer, because UV rays can penetrate clouds, reflect water etc etc. But everybody knows that right. And still many of us don’t use sun protection. Well why talk about others. I should point to myself first!

Anyways, I don’t know how many of the readers got babies or are planning to have a baby soon. But still it’s good to know that a baby younger than 6 months should NOT BE EXPOSED TO SUNLIGHT’S!! NEVER EVER!!  Not even after that but u can’t keep the baby inside forever. And sunrays contain Vitamin D which is good. So keeping all that in mind, it’s important to protect the babies too.

A sunscreen should contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These chemical elements sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s ray. They start protecting ur skin as soon as u put them on. While on the other hand chemical products need to be used 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

I read that sun protection which claims higher than 30 SPF give smaller amounts of added protection- which means a higher dose of unwanted chemicals. It makes sense but then why they make higher SPF containing sun protections. Anyways, I also read that normal sunscreens for adults are the same as those for children. But I am going to find that out very soon and will compare a baby sunscreen to any other sunscreen.

Some rules everyone should follow:

  • Never go out between 11 am to 4 pm. These are called the peak hours.
  • Always use sunscreen to unprotected skin. Apply it 20 minutes before u go out in the sun.
  • Reapply it every 2 hours.
  • Babies younger than 6 months should NOT be exposed to sun.
  • Babies need sun protection too. (Johnson & Johnson baby sun protection available. If not in India, u can still buy it from internet) 😛
  • Everybody loves tanned skin but go for safe tanning rather than unprotected sun exposure.
  • Check the expiration date of your sun screen. It probably wont work if its over expiration date.
  • Don’t put just anything on baby skin. The chemical can be very harmful. Know the product first.
  • Make sure it doesn’t contain PARABEN. It’s linked to the cause of cancer in some cases. Well no evidence but better be on the safe side.
  • Paraben react with UVB and can cause skin aging and DNA damage.

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  1. Candy i cant thank you enough for this post..because i had no idea about babies sun protection..i only know about my sun protection…

    and now i know why one of my niece has darken up so much..his mother took him to vaishno devi in hot summer without any sun protection when he was 2 month old and his tan refuses to go .. :sarcasm: :sarcasm:

    • anamika sad to hear about your niece tanning … is a reciepe for removing tan for babies:

      take equal portion of chiraungi and almonds and make fine paste add litlle kesar and sandalwood (if desired or may skip for normal tanning) mix it and put in the container….apply the paste with milk………else u can make the paste by soaking chiraungi almonds and little kesar in milk overnight and make a paste in the morning do a patch test or apply first in legs for two days to see if see isnt allergic to the paste

      afterwards apply all over the body leave it for 1-2 min and wash off apply the pack every alternate days the result will be visible in 1-2 months it will slowly but surely remove the tan… mausi tried it on her daughter and her daughter complexion really brighten i even apply this on my daughter wen i see my daughter tanning or spending too much time in sun……

      • Hi My son has tanned a lot and i wish to make this paste u have suggested and try. Can you give me the exact quantities to be used and also tell me what is chiroungi and where can i get it. I stay in bangalore.

  2. aaww.. thats so bad 🙁 but well its not only the tan one should worry about.
    U knw how sensetive babies skin is. and damn i hate UV rays! although i love sun in this damn rainy land..
    i remember my mom used to take my brother outside in summer days and did all that oil maalish hahaha… thank god no harm was done.. but pplz should be aware of that..

    • yup ..and he is going to be very upset onhim mom when he grows up but she had no idea about it..i guess it is not a good idea to take baby to the beaches when they r really young..what you say ?

      • u r absolutely right..
        specially not in the peak hours..
        and in case someone goes there. they should apply proper sun protection.. wear sun glasses.. and kids have those cute hats, caps etc.. they should wear that.
        and yeah the last point i mentioned..
        nobody should forget that ever…
        PARABEN! omg.. i was shocked when i read about it

        • most of the sunscreen have it..i have read almost in all..

          but i have heard lotus make baby sunscreen but never read about it somewhere..

  3. do you knw that some of the under arm deodrant rolls contains paraben.
    its not proven if its the cause of breast cancer many women suffer from..
    but its linked to it! 😐 😐 😐

      • Oh shit ! Deo mein paraben ? i never even thought of it.i dunno how true is the claim that deo’ darken the skin but there is a way to minimize the usage. Apply a paste of neem and tulsi leaves and a pinch of turmeric when in bath. It helps the odor and is ani-bacterial.Spray the deo from a distance . And always wash off the deo with soap when back home. Many do not do this. the product sits there…and 🙄 . I make it a must to chew neem leaves in morning. Helps a lot. yucky taste but i know its really useful 🙂

  4. Good one Candy :yes: If not for you most of us would have never know babies need sun protection and they have products for that.

  5. hey thanks candy i asked about anamaika a good sunscreen for my baby two days before …..glad u did a article on it…..but still i have not able to find a good sunscreen in india my pediatrician even doesnt know anything about it….not even jhonson and jhonson (can u imagine in the hot and humid country like ours sunscreen avaialability is so low ).only lotus sunscreen is available but i little skeptical to use it….if possible any body plz do a review on it………

    btw my daughter turned two today !

    • ya i was surprised too when i saw there is no proper sun protection for babies.
      but i read somewhere that babies sun protection and one for adults is actually the same.
      i am still doing some research on it.

      Will get back to u very soon. 🙂
      may be tomorrow.


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