Sunday Fun !! Ski Karting and Yummy Brrunch At Smash Pitstop Brewpub Gurgaon


Hey peeps!

Is your Sunday always boring after a whole week of work, work and only work? 🙁 Well, then not anymore! If you live in and around Delhi NCR, then there is a reason to cherish and enjoy your Sundays from now on! :laugh: A new part of Gurgaon Amusement park has opened which is all about Ski karting and yeah some yummy Sunday brunch!  😀

Ski Karting at Pitstop Brewpub

The park is located at Sector 29, next to Appu Ghar Water Park and so you really don’t have to search a lot.


Ski Karting at Smaash Pitstop Brewpub


There are various things to do in this park that everyone can enjoy! While the little ones can enjoy the rides, you can also join them and even relish the absolutely yummy brunch offered! The trainers are so friendly and well-equipped with all the latest instruments. They really help a lot in ski karting.


Smaaash Pitstop Brewpub inside view


When you enter this place, the first thing that grabs your attention is the sophisticated and gorgeous interiors. I am sure, no one can turn a blind eye to the decorations!

Smaash Pitstop Brewpub cocktail area


Apart from the mouth-watering food, there is a drinks section for all the people interested.


Ceaser Salad at Pitstop Brewpub


And from here starts the yummy food section. Every kind of food and cuisine is offered here with some delicious options for both veg and non-veg people. Nobody is going to feel left out when food is so amazing to taste.


Brrunch at Pitstop Brewpub

Even health freaks can have their own share of food as there are a variety of salads and baked items. The cutleries in which food is served is also of top quality!

Pizza Brunch at Pitstop Brewpub


And here comes my favourite portion of the post. Pizza! :pizza:  I love pizzas and trust me, this love is so real! I can literally smell pizza from 500metres and when I do that, there is no looking back. And how can I miss this beauty? It looks yummy and it tastes umm..  😛

Time for sweet at Pitstop

Another favourite section of mine – deserts! This love for anything sweet is internal and is in my genes. And when such mouth watering dishes are in front of your eyes, who remembers gym? I don’t!  :rotfl:

And so if you are planning to visit Gurgaon Amusement park, then you can just hop to this place and make your Sundays so interesting!  :heart:



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