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Sunflower Oil In Cosmetics and Benefits

Perception towards oil is changing and now it is becoming clear that there are oils which improves our health. Like vitamins our body require fats to function properly. Lets know about Sunflower Oil In Cosmetics and Benefits.

There are three primary types of sunflower oils.

Linoeic Oil – Mostly found in grocery store it has high content of essential fatty acids and is rich in vitamins.

High Oleic Oil – It contains high level of mono saturated  acids. It is used lees frequently at home but is well suited for use in bakeries and cosmetic products.

NuSun – This is the latest addition and is the most popular oil because of its pleasant taste, lack of trans fat and many  health benefits.

Sunflower Oil In Cosmetic Products

Sunflower oil has many benefits as a skin care solution. It helps the skin in retaining moisture. Those who know its benefit apply directly on their skin. They can also use cosmetics products which contains sunflower oil to prevent excess dryness.

Few products containing sunflower oil are :-
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