Sunscreen Which I Actually Like Applying | Ultrasun SPF 30 Family Sun Lotion


Sunscreen Which I Actually Like Applying | Ultrasun SPF 30 Family Sun Lotion

Hey Everyone! I am thankful to all of you for showing great interest in my skin care on my Instagram! 🙂 My skin looks way better now and I feel confident going out with just a hint of lipstick and fixed brows!

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Also, finally I have found a sunscreen which doesn’t make me look like a grease pan!;-)  This sunscreen is runny in consistency and is very light weight. It has a decent SPF 30 content which makes it good for kids too and doesn’t give any white cast at all. Lets see what the company says about this sunscreen!

About Ultrasun SPF 30 Family Sun Lotion

ultra sun spf 30 family high sun protection

Ultrasun is a Swiss brand that started in 1992, specializing in ‘Professional All Day Sun Protection’. Their products are perfect for the whole family, including babies and those with skin sensitivity and sun allergies.

Suitable for very sensitive skin, the sun cream provides all day UVA/UVB protection for all the family, particularly for children’s delicate skin. The lotion also helps to prevent uncomfortable prickly heat. Complete with an airless pump dispenser, which prevents product deterioration and contamination and is useful for easy application.

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sunscreen indian skin mature

Price: $18

I picked it up from London airport and how I wish I could just stick to it for long time till I get bored of it. This sunscreen is not sticky which is so important right now with the excessive humidity in the weather! Also my skin looks dewy after applying it which makes me love it more! Let me tell you it looks just dewy and not oily! 🙂

sunscreen milk for sensitive skin

I really don’t know what I will do when I run out of it although one needs just a tiny bit to cover the whole face and one bottle will really last long but I am someone who always loves to keep a back up of products I find amazing!

After using it and loving it so much, I did google about this sunscreen and it happens that this product is available in a lot of variants like anti-ageing & anti-pigmentation which is something I would really like to checkout! Well, may be on my next trip to London, I can get the other variants and I am sure they will be as good as this one!

skin care plump ultrasun spf30 family review

This cream is perfect for sweaty condition like we usually have in my city! As of now, I don’t know how it will fare in winter season but during the sunny ( I live in India) and excess sweaty seasons, its like a God sent product! 🙂

It is a perfect 5/5 product for me given the climate and how light it feels on the skin!

Other Products I Use With This Sunscreen

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plump vitamin c serum review

I haven’t tried it while swimming or during the rains but I find this is a must have for me right now. I use it with my Plump Vitamin C serum. Although the serum is still stickier and heavier than the sunscreen itself! I got the Plump Vitamin C Serum in My Envy Box so I started using it! Now considering my skin is looking so good & healthy, I haven’t switched to anything else.

vitamin c serum india skin care plum

You can check my post on Why You Should Add Vitamin C In Your Skincare Regime In Your 30’s where I shared how Plump Skin And Hair Food Vitamin C Serum has helped me in taking care of my skin in a better way! 🙂

Talking about Vitamin C Serum I also have one from The Ordinary and I usually apply that at night before sleeping! You can read about my The Ordinary Skin care product post here.

Well, so this were the products I really loved and wanted to share my experience about the same!


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