Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner Review

I had bought this product around five  months back for the first time and this is my second tube :)On my trip to Malaysia I could not carry my Lush conditioner so I had to make a fast decision at a grocery shop to pick up an alternative and since the tube said Soft and smooth and price was so reasonable I just grabbed it. I had to manage with it for the coming 10 days but my journey with this has not ended there rather is on my life long list now 🙂
Sunsilk dream soft & smooth conditioner reviews+Sunsilk dream soft and smooth conditioner
  • Price: Rs. 105 for

Contains and Claims:

Sunsilk dream soft & smooth conditioner  ingredients +sunsilk conditioner reviews

My Experience: You have to wash your hair every time you are out of sea water and that leaves them dry, tangled and hay like. But this conditioner was a life saver, it left my hair silky, detangled and so manageable, infact my husband who never notices anything 🙁 was amazed that I had such soft hair on our vacation 😛
I always have this in my box, although I do use it regularly but its like that 3 min magic conditioner 🙂
Sunsilk  smooth conditioner reviews+conditoner for dry hair+conditioner for oily hair
What I like:Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner 
  1. Very economical,
  2. Leaves my hair soft, silky and detangles them,
  3. I even conditions damaged hair ends,
  4. Easily available at any store,
  5. Packaging is travel friendly
What I did not like:Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner 
  1. It has a funny smell which is not very pleasant,
  2. Loads of chemical if you see the chemical list,
Since this is full of so many chemicals I don’t use it regularly but its a necessity for me, when my hair feel dry or when I have to go out for a party, this definitely comes in handy. Have you tried this yet ?
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  1. Divya, my aunt swears by it and she loves it so much that we just have not been able to get her to even try L’oreal!
    btw, cute bear 😀

    @Ana, the feed for the blog is missing from my reader for some reason, the last one was mary kay ?:-) ?:-)


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