Super Pale Skin Makeup Tips


Super Pale Skin Makeup Tips

Super pale skin is devoid of any color and is just porcelain white. Some girls with pale skin may have pink undertones that gives some color to the skin but if you have really pale skin with warm undertone then your face face will be plain white. It is not easy to find the right makeup for such skin tones. Bright shades may look really stark on pale skins and something pale will wash them out.

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Super pale skins need some color on face and the best way is to wear warm shades in makeup like peach and soft pinks. Here are some very useful makeup tips for super pale skin-


Pale skin is usually dry so stick to a cream foundation. It will make your skin look dewy and fresh. If you cannot find your shade in cream foundations then mix moisturizer with a liquid foundation to get hydrated skin.


This is a must have for pale skin tones. This is not meant to cover your face and look orange. Use bronzer to add glow on your cheekbones, temples and lips. It will give some color to your face and will also define your features. Pick a bronzer that is not more than 3-4 shades darker than your skin. A shimmery bronzer works best for really pale skins.


You do not want to look like a clown with deep or bright blushes. Stick to subtle colors like pale pinks and peaches. In blushes too, go for the shimmery ones.


Again, you can easily use shimmery colors on eyes. The best colors will be pinks, purples, browns, silvers, greys and champagne. Peach and apricot shades also work well on super pale skin. Pick light and natural colors.

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Eyeliner and Mascara

Black eyeliner definitely looks great but if it is too dark for you, try grey and brown eyeliners.

For mascara, black is the best. A dark black makes your eyes stand out and provides much needed drama. A jet black mascara is your best friend.

Lip colors

Go for shiny glossy lips as much as you can. Dull and pale lip colors are not for you and also do not pick very bright and bold shades. The best lip colors for super pale skin are apricots and pinks. Pick rosy pinks and soft apricots.

If you want to wear lipstick, pick something with a blue undertone and reserve it for special events.


Groom them as best as you can. Thick, bold brows look amazing on pale face. This is one tip that will enhance your look easily and effectively. Now Cara Delevingne has to be your inspiration on this.

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Say No To These

Firstly, let go of powder. It will make your skin look dry and cakey. Even translucent powders do not really flatter very pale skins.

Stick with black mascara and do not be tempted by colorful counterparts like blue and plum.

On eyes, stay clear of pinks and bright blues. These will wash you out. Even brown is not the right shade for pale skin.

 In blushes too, do not pick anything that is too yellow. It will clash with your bronzer.

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