Supplements to make rough skin smooth

Various skin problem like dryness or rough skin is due to reduced water intake in our body.The content of water inside the human body nearly takes 72% of the tissue fluid.In order to keep the skin elasticity , drinking right amount of water every day is necessary.Even food which contains lot of vitamin E helps in maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin.
Vitamin E important for the skin, it  delays skin aging so that skin can be smooth and fine. in appearance.Vitamin E basically removes free radicals from the human body which in turns resist aging.Some of the food which contain vitamin E are cabbage and sunflower seeds.Those who do not have the time and patience to take natural food then can make vitamin E capsules as the part of their every day life.

In order to maintain blood inside the human body iron too is one of the important components of heme in the blood.It helps in improving the blood and make skin smooth.Egg yolks considered lot of iron .
With vitamin E and iron even Alkaline food such as apples, pears and vegetables also helps in improving skin conditions.Foods which are acidic in nature such as meat and fish should be eaten in moderate quantity.Excessive eating of these food can increase the lactic acid and uric acid inside the human body which results in losing the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


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  1. i have been so lazy in drinking water over the past few weeks..and it shows up on my skin immediately …water is a must must must for healthy skin ..


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