Surajkund /Surajkund Art And Craft Mela – My Experience


By Prerana,

I have been a regular visitor to Surrajkund Art and Handicrafts mela for a last couple of years. This is a unique kind of mela where almost every state of the India participates to showcase their respective state handicraft work. A few foreign countries also participates in this mela every year. Schedule of Surajkund mela is generaly fixed it is hosted during 1st Feb to 15Th Feb every year at Surajkund, situated in Delhi / Faridabad border. This year the mela is in its 25th year and Andhra Pradesh is its theme state this year. As I always go ooo la la for Hyderabadi pearls, this year I was very keen to visit, and yea finally last Sunday I could made it to the mela ground. Here I share my experience with you all…:)

How to reach here –
If you stay in Delhi and have your own vehicle then that’s the best option. Otherwise I would advise to hire a cab / auto from Badarpur metro stn, or Tuglakabad. There are a few buses on the route but the frequency is very low. The location is next to Tuglakabad / Karni Singh shooting range.

When Suraj Kund Mela takes place

Between 1st Feb to 15th Feb every year.

Suraj Kund Mela Timings –

9.30 am to 7.30 pm

Entry Fees (adult)

Rs 50/- per person (this year)

Participating Foreign countries (in 2011)
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Cyria, Sri Lanka and Russia.

My Experience
The mela ground is a massive area which has separate shopping zones. It has a separate amusement zone also with carnival ride near the entry point. I would suggest don’t simply rush to the amusement zone after buying the entry ticket there are lots and lots of happenings inside the main mela area. Once u are inside the main area u will find hundreds of stalls selling handicraft to jewelry to wonderful murals and sculptures, toys, decorative items and what not… The ground has a separate food court selling mouth watering delicacies of different states. There are also mesmerizing folk art performances which start at 11am everyday at numerous chaupauls. Last Sunday when we visited we saw great Indian Laughter show performers Pratap Faujdar, Khayali, Ehsaan Quereshi making the crowd go crazy over their comedies. I had a great fun hearing their comics .

suraj kand mela

The 1st thing which attracts eyes is the “Village” ambiance of the mela ground.

suraj khan mela 2011 Me posing with Shera 😀

suraj khand mela10 Seems Ravan lost his way to Panchvati and by mistake tried to kidnap me!! 🙂

delhi photosCrafts Man working Live 🙂

surajkhan craft mela

Maharashtrain hand made embroidery work..

suraj khand mela

One of the numerous chaupals where folk artist perform everyday..

One of the many colorful huts..

suraj khan mela 3

Hand made Bamboo chairs..

Suraj khand mela craft paintings

This wonderful  Jute work of my home state caught my attention instantly.

delhi photos

Chole bathure wala has hanged the Bathura in display!!:D:D

suraj khand art and craft

Amusement area…without giant wheel no mela is complete 😛

surajkundmela 2010

And lastly, few of items I shopped a wooden agarbatti stand, a Rajasthani Jutti, a wooden bowl+spoon, a red Sandalwood Mala, a rudraksh bracelet, Mysore special agarbatti, a cooking kadchi (lol..)

Along with this I also bought special Andhra made dry mango pickle and Tamarind+chilli pickle, they were yumm….. .

Did you like anything in the Surajkund Mela mela ?


  1. i too have te same spoon Prerana and i like the cute bowl of yours 🙂 :yes: :yes: :yes:

    i always wanted to visit this but time was always a big constraint that time..:(

    loved the jute painting 🙂

  2. oh my god!!! i love to visit MELAs, esply,this type of craft fairs. and hey,the performance in the 6th picture is from our state, west bengal. it’s a folk dance called “chhow” from purulia district. and prerna, i love ur jutti. it’s b’ful. i wish i were there…..:(

  3. I am also planning to go to this mela. last weekend also we were planning but couldn’t go.. hopefully this week we will :fingersxd: :fingersxd:
    Ravan caught u prerna and you still lauging…. 😉 😉 :cute: :cute:

    • hehe.. :laugh: :laugh:
      but why rouble Ram ji… just kick him.. he is so lazy Ravan (look at him) that he wont even attempt to get up.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  4. I so love melas! Even if its a small mela, I force fiance to take me!When I was a child I used to go to melas only for Sugar candy! :-))

    Prerna,nice pics & I like the jooti!

  5. Good evening buddy!Me doing good!Hey there is a mela called Numaish happening in hyd now which will end by FEb 14 or 15th! It started way back in 1938 & every year it happens during Jan & feb! All the stall have common stuff, like kashmiri, lucknowi & stalls from other states but still people visit it every year! :yes:


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