Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Review


Anti perspirant – Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on

By Prerana Sharma,

What can I say about these summers? Ice-creams,lassi’s, AC’s and cooler’s but with it there is also sweat, body odour and lethargy! I bet 100% girls use deo’s in summers to avoid body odour, even I used to do 😛 but after watching commercial ad of Sure Dry Shield I got very curious thinking that is it really possible to stop underarms sweat? Next time when I went to big bazaar, I found its price is very low and I immediately  grabbed it.

Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on

New sure woman with dry shield controls underarm sweat that causes odour, so you feel dry and fresh all day. 🙂

Available Variants – Passion and Free spirit for women and Sport Defense for Men.Available as roll-ons and in aerosol spray (as shown in ad but I didn’t find sprays in stores) 🙁

Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll on +best anti perspirant

  • Price –Rs 65 for 40ml roll-on.
  • Ingredients –


perspirant +anti perspirant+Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on Review


About Sure dry shield roll-on –

Packaging –The roll on is in tubular shape, with a small fixed ball like opening. As you glide the ball on your skin a lotion inside the tube glides up and gets applied to your skin.


Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on Review India


  • Texture & consistency –It has a light lotion like consistency, milky white in color which gets applied on skin just like a thin film or layer upon gliding roll-on onto skin. After drying it is transparent.


Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on Review+ dry idea

  • Fragrance – I’m not good at explaining fragrance  but both the variants have fresh and light fragrance.
  • Effectiveness – it truly keeps underarms dry, but dry (in the sense) for 2-3 hrs then underarms gets moist slowly-slowly, but do not sweat. I have been using Sure for last 1 year and I can bet it really decreased my level of perspiration! Earlier my dressed used to get wet in underarms area, which eventually would dry and leave a white stain over the fabric (oh it used to be so embarrassing! )but now I sweat less and my dress do not stain too
  • How to use roll on deo –After bath apply 5-6 swaps of the roll under your arms and stand under the fan to dry it (this creates a layer over your skin and u don’t sweat), wear cloths and then you can put your favorite deo or perfume 🙂 Because this is handy, I usually carry it around with me when I’m outdoors and re-apply it after 3-4 hrs in washroom for prolonged effect

mitchum anti perspirant+dry idea+dry shield


What I liked about Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on

  • Very affordable, rs 65 for 40ml which lasts me a month!
  • Travel friendly and available easily.
  • Does what it claims.
  • Its fragrance is good, refreshing.


What I did not like about Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant roll-on

  • 1. It is not a replacement of deo or perfumes, i.e, its smell don’t last an hour also. So u have to put your deo for fragrance.
  • Due to opaque packaging, it is not visible that how much of the product is used up and how much is left.
  • Applying it and then waiting for it to get dry is very boring! (sometimes I don’t wait for it to dry and wear cloths over it, but that don’t reduces its effectiveness).

Will I repurchase –I’m sure you have guessed it, I already have re-purchased a dozen pieces of it since last one  year and will keep on using it. It is a low cost, effective anti-perspirant which is very useful whose under arms sweat vigorously.




  1. Wow! It really stops sweating?? Gr8…I too find it very embarassing especially when I wear sari’s..Now I know wot to pick up 🙂 Thanks Prerana!

  2. There is a small sized roll on for 45Rs also. I have used the aerosol spray. It really does control sweat even in very sultry weather. I find it better than the roll on’s.

  3. Anamika, The small one is the travel size kind. 25ml is for 40Rs, you could try that to find out if it works for you.The other one is 40ml one for 65Rs which is the normal sized deo. If you buy the aerosol spray its better as it really helps and no need for reapplication which is not the case with the former. I guess it costs 150Rs for 150ml. The fragrance is really mild and pleasant (I have used only the pink) and it doesnt mix with perspiration and moreover you could use your normal perfumes with it.

  4. I like this one too – it is very, very effective. 🙂

    But sometimes I feel lil apprehensive to use an anti-perspirant everyday, after all, I am interfering with a normal body process, right? I now use this for when I am going out with friends or to parties. Not daily. 😛

  5. i love the roll on, its widely available and inexpensive, except that it has aluminium in it, which isn’t something you want to use.

  6. Looks very promising Prerana, I have very sensitive skin, so I usually use talcs but since this is inexpensive will give it a try :yes:


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