Sweatproof & Waterproof Sunscreen Suggestions

Nidhi asks,
Do u help me to find a sunscreen or sunblock which is sweat proof and waterproof too becozNeutrogena sunblock spf 55 – make my face super duper oily like a frying pen lotus 3 in 1 and lactocalamine- both  gave me small pimples even on single application bcoz i think they clog down my pores I have used aroma magic , suncros aquagel too which is meant for hyperoily skin but doesnt live up to its claim and again make me super oily
I am so tensed because   i cant use any compact , any cream, any foundation  becoz they all gave me acne  even on single application , can u imagine.What type of weird skin type i have but my skin behaves well when i do my CTM daily only . no sunscreen , no cream not at all anything ,. iI have a fair complexion and I m 26  yr old , my acne problem started only after using face products , previously i had healthy skin .So , now i have decided to invest in a good sunscreen which will skin type the most and a good moisturiser ……..
I f u do help me I will be thankful to u..
best sunscreen for sensitive skin
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