Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange Review.


Hi Ladies!

swiss beauty nail pain remover sponge

We have been nuts about doing our nail with different nail colors,but sometimes removing nail paints  in less time becomes really tough .Today I am going to review Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange.

About Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange

swiss beauty orange nail paint remover sponge first look

Availibility: Online at Snapdeal

Price: INR 150 for 30ml.

Variants: There are loads of different variants to choose from.

swiss beauty nail lacquer removing sponge

Packaging: It comes in bright yellow color,plastic container which looks really cute and girly. All the necessary information has displayed on the container in white color fonts. The packaging is quite haulable and easy to work with. I got the orange variant which smells divine. The variant’s name has mentioned on the cap.

My experience with Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange

The ‘Dip and Twist’ term which attracted me the most to buy this product. I would say it is the best idea to remove nail paint in seconds. Basically, It has pieces of of sponges saturated with nail paint remover inside the container. You just have to dip your nails at the center of sponge and twist it a little and ta da you got nail paint free nails in just a go! I really like the concept of nail paint remover sponge as it is convenient and easy to use and you can carry it anywhere in your bag.

swiss beauty nail paint remover sponge orange

I have used tons of different kind of nail paint removers in the past and I was quite happy with my Lakme nail paint remover since it is easily available and removes nail paint quickly. But this nail paint removing sponge removes nail paint without creating any mess. But you can’t use them for your toes 🙁 (big question?) and dipping your nails again and again in the same container feels really unhygienic.. Err!

nail paint remover sponge by swiss beauty

Well, It is quick and easy to use product and I recommend it for all. Go grab it ladies, it’ll surely save the day.

nail paint removing sponge by swiss beauty

What I Like about Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange?

  • Sturdy and cute packaging
  • Easy to works with
  • Interesting ‘Dip and Twist ‘formula.
  • Haulable
  • Comes handy
  • Little goes long way
  • Smells divine
  • Available in many variants
  • Free from acetone
  • Affordable.

nail paint remover by swiss beauty

What I Don’t Like about Swiss Beauty Nail Lacquer Removing Sponge- Orange?

  • Can’t use for toes
  • Unhygienic tub packaging



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