Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review


Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review

The month before and during my birthday are usually the best because I get little little nice things from those close to me.  I got some fab gifts from my best friend in the States and the package arrived yesterday via her sister.   ECOTOOLS 5 piece brush set, a body massage mitt, Bio-Oil and her hand painted Ceramic tile and magnet.


Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review+cheap handy exfoliation at home


I have used a mesh loofah/bath lily for as long as I can remember.  I’m sure most of you do too.  While it works perfectly for use on a daily basis, the bath mitt is good for a weekly exfoliation.  This was the first time I was trying a cloth mitt. When I was young my mum had this coiry kinda mitt and she would scrub our elbows and knees with it.  Oh no! it was pure torture. I grew up and got married but still at least 5 times a year she reminds me to scrub my knees, neck and elbows!

  • Price: $ 1.50 or INR 80 approx.


Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review+effective body scrub

I used a cotton bath mitt for the first time yesterday and I could feel the difference in the kinda of exfoliation it provides versus the loofah.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying the loofah is bad. It is excellent for daily use.  When you live in a city like Mumbai where there is dust and dirt everywhere you will notice the difference in the colour of those body parts exposed to the environment and those that are covered.  So daily cleanses with a loofah is necessary.

The body mitt on the other hand provides  an efoliation that actually removes a layer of dead skin.  When I used it on one leg I could see the stark difference in the colour and texture of my skin when compared to the leg that was not scrubbed.  I was like wow fairer and smoother skin with just a glove.   You don’t need a lot of body wash just because you are using the mitt.  The average amount is enough.  You won’t be able to see a lot of lather like on a loofah ok but don’t worry lather or not it is doing its job.

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Now what I think is the best use of this is well cellulite massaging.  Buttocks and back and sides of the thighs get scrubbed really well.  I noticed that it could be used with a light hand in circular movements for a little bit of cellulite massaging.  If you have an anti cellulite oil you can massage in it into those difficult part easily.  You see your skin more toned and firmer with regular use.   Plus if you have rough or pimply kinda skin by your elbows or behind you thighs you can exfoliate the areas nicely once a week with this cloth mitt.  If you have someone coming in from the states or else where you could ask for this or similar cloth gloves. Sometimes you can find normal winter gloves in the market that might be made of thick cottswool or something similar.  I have felt the Body Shop bath gloves and they are not very delicate on the skin because they are made of some kinda synthetic material.

Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review+scrubber for elbows and ingrowths

When you are done, please wash the mitt nicely and leave it to dry in an area in your bathroom where water will not keeping falling on it.  Don’t share it either, be it child or spouse.  It is not hygenic at all!  Don’t forget to follow up with a good moisturiser.

Rating: 4/5

What I like about Swisscos Body Massage Mitt:

  • Can see the difference in skin tone after using
  • Not abrasive at all. Made of cotton
  • Great for scrubbing your elbows, knees and neck
  • Use around your toes, toe nails and heels
  • You can use it if you have discoloration between your thighs
  • Fits like a glove enabling proper scrubbing
  • You can scrub your back nicely too
  • Use it before waxing if you suffer from in-growths
  • Can firm and tone the skin if used regularly with some cellulite oil as well
  • Inexpensive.

What I don’t like about Swisscos Body Massage Mitt:

  • Can’t see lather on the mitt.
  • Not suitable for the face
  • Availability
  • Fungus wungus can collect if kept in a damp place

Have you tried Swisscos Body Massage Mitt?

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  1. gr8 review.. is anythng of the same kind available in india??? mumbai specifically.. and pl suggest the brand.. thank you 🙂

  2. Dun wry A.

    i’ve taken a print out of dis bath mitt, wneva i wud be out on d streets.. ‘m gonna bombard each one wid dis picture 😎


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