Switch to juices this summer rather than carbonated beverages


Few days back I went for grocery shopping and I was shocked to see people buying carbonated drinks in huge numbers. I know they are tasty but that’s about it. They are just tasty and with taste they bring unwanted calories and also upset our digestive system.
If we don’t stop stacking our fridge with carbonated beverages then our kids will never learn to live a healthy life.

Instead of these drinks switch to fruit juices. Juices not only ensure that toxins are flushed from our body but also give a healthy and a permanent glow to our skin.

Fruit juices helps in fighting with many every day problems. Lets find out how.

1.Grapes,papaya,guava,carrot and spinach juice helps in fighting acidity.
2.Grapes,pear,plum,tomato,cucumber,carrot and spinach juices reduce acne and prevent them from occurring.
3.Constipation can be easily cured by having apple,pear,beetroot,grapes ,spinach and carrot juice.
4.Drinking carrot juice helps in strengthening immunity.
5.Beetroot and cucumber juice are advised for better hair,skin and nails.

Many problems such as skin allergies and anemia can be easily solved by drinking fruit and vegetable juices.

Juices flush out the dead cells from our body and help in dissolving salty build-ups and stones in the kidney. So next time when you go for grocery shopping switch to fruits and vegetables and give a healthy life to your self and your family.

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  1. i totally agree with you , juices are so much better for the skin,overall health sigh ! simple facts yet everybody tends to ignore


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