Syringoma- Causes and Removal


Syringoma- Causes and Removal


We talk a lot about beauty problems like pigmentation, acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Today I decided to talk about a problem which is a little different. I am talking about syringomas.

What is Syringoma

Syringomas are basically the tumours in sweat glands. But they are benign and not cancerous. These are characterised by tiny bumps which appear mainly under the eyes but can appear around the eyes, in armpits or vulva. These bumps look like pimples but they are actually not. These are hard and may be skin coloured, yellow or white.


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Causes of Syringoma

The causes of syringomas are still unknown. These form due to overgrowth of cells in the sweat duct. It results in the duct becoming large, hard and round.

Chances of the occurrence of Syringomas in women are more compared to men. Also a family history of syringomas make people even more prone to the problem.

How to Get Rid of Syringomas

Syrigomas are not harmful and also do not cause any pain. But they definitely do not look good. These bumps cannot be prevented and also cannot be removed with any home remedy or any other remedies.

It is best to see a good dermatologist. There are many ways that a dermatologist may use to remove syringomas. The removal of syringomas using scalpel is not advised as it may cause pits. Other ways that can be used are-


It is easy and common. Multiple sessions of dermabrasion are needed to remove the bumps completely.


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Bichloroacetic acid or BCA

This acid is applied topically on each syringoma which leads to clear skin in 7-10 days. It does not leave behind any pits or discoloration.

CO2 laser

For deep seated syringomas, laser is a good idea. It removes tumour cells. This treatment is followed by BCA treatment for better results.


In this treatment, a local anesthesia is used first to numb the skin. Then the bumps are burnt using electric current. It needs more than one session but the results are good and usually no side-effects. Sessions are repeated every 3-4 weeks. In some cases electrocautery may cause dark spots or small holes.

There are some creams available in the market that claim to treat syringoma. But these are not trusted and can be dangerous.

If you notice unusual bumps especially around your eye area and your home remedies fail to work, you should contact a dermatologist to get yourself properly diagnosed.

Did you know about syringoma?

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  1. Wow Maitri! Such a great post. I have this problem but just one under my right eye since 7-8 years.. My beautician once threatened me about this getting spread all over my face and claimed to remove these by her stupid creams… Thank God I didn’t listen to her and changed my beautician immediately!
    And my dermatologist also recommended the same treatments mentioned by you! Great post dear!!!!!!

  2. hey any body can help me to tell in detail abt syringoma bcz its under my eyelid n it luks very horrible n can’t live like this can any tell that wart removeable cream can help or not

  3. plz guys any one can tel me the best way to remove it n tell me about best dermatalogist in mumbai…I’m in acting feild so bcz of syringomas Im nt get work my entire face is clear n I’m fair in colour n these syringomas…..I just hate it..plz plz help if any one there who used wart remove cream for those syringomas then plz tel me

  4. Hey thanks for creating awareness on dis skin condition dear….even I av syringoma on my face…..itz really depressing at tymz cz unlike pigmentation n ol I cnt hide dis with make up LSO…can u plz suggest good dermat in Mumbai who can treat this…


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