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Ambika Pillai Powder Brush review
Hi All, I've been using Ambika Pillai brushes for the longest time. Infact, these were the first 'good quality' brushes I started using after Vega which were quite sad. At the  time, Vega hadn't even come out with their professional range of brushes and there were no options for me...
Ambika Pillai contour brush review + ambika pillai
Hi All, Ambika Pillai brushes have weaned their way onto my vanity. Of all the brushes I have, these AP brushes are the most used ones. I have already reviewed a couple of the brushes from this range and thought of reviewing this after Vish asked about a good contour...
Ambika Pillai blush brush review + blush brush
Hi All, For a blush crazy gal like me, it's imperative to have the right tools for application. I have brushes from Bare Escentuals, Oriflame, Vega, Bourjois, etc but the best I have used till date is this one from Ambika Pillai. I don't have a MAC or Sigma yet...

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