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Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 1707 and 3604 Reviewandle+makeup brush
Kryolan Professional Brush Art 1707 and 3604  Hi pretty ladies I like Kryolan and Inglot these days, they have pretty good stuffs. I am back again to share with you all brushes from Kryolan. I have been using these over 2 months and I love them for the price and quality....
Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review+makeup brush set
Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator  Bourjois is one of my favorite makeup brands and when I realized they made brushes too, I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on one. This dual-tip applicator seemed unique...not to mention almost extinct. :-P This brush was originally designed to be used with Bourjois baked eyeshadows...
Shiseido's foundation brush+japanese techonology brush for dry and wet foundation
Shiseido's Foundation Brush Review Price: Rs. 1950  Read:  Best Eyelash Curler Suggestions This is the first brush I invested in.  I chose a brush from this brand because this is a trusted hi-end make-up brand that as a child I saw my mum using.  It's a Japanese product and we all know how...
Boots No7 Foundation brush review + foundation brush
Hi All, I like trying out new brushes and very recently got 2 new foundation brushes...the Konad Foundation brush and the No.7 foundation brush...Why two you ask? Well, I initially got the Konad brush and then later came to know about the No.7 brush...I was watching a video by Lisa...

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