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Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye Liner golden 2
Holla pretty ladies! How are all doing? With the wedding season on, gold is the flavour of the season. And Indian girls and gold have a special connection, right? Gold is something which is associated with our beauty from time immemorial - jewellery, facial, bleach so why not an eyeliner?...
Maybelline PEACOCK GREEN Crayon Kohl EOTD
5 Stunning Colored Eyeliner Looks I have a thing for colored eyeliner and the fact that I am not so perfect in applying eye shadow makes me addicted towards the colored eyeliner/ eye pencils even more! :-) A perfectly lined pair of eyes makes a huge difference in the overall...
colorbar color intense liquid eyeliner review copper liner
10 Beautiful Colored Eyeliners For Winter From plain simple classic black to playful pop of colors, eye liners have universal appeal and hold special places in our heart and vanity. I have always stuck to regular black eyeliners and kajals for my eyes. I felt black eyeliners are best to accentuate...

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