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blue eyeliner oriflame mascara
Hi Gorgeous People, As you all know my love for eye makeup in my previous posts and Today I am going to review Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara. .I had read lot of positive reviews of this product but what doesnt work just doesn't work.Read further that how it failed...
nyx butter lipsticks
Beauty Products That Must Go In A Bride's Vanity Bag Your wedding is indeed a BIG Day in your life. And who doesn’t want to look the best on that special day? Venue booking, catering, decoration, invitations, shopping, all the preparation starts months before. Yes, shopping. We all love shopping,...
Dramatic Monochrome EyeLiner step4
Dramatic Monochrome Eye Liner - Step By Step Tutorial Afer my lipstick tutorials I am attempting a Dramatic eye liner tutorial. White kohl is so much in trend these days, so I thought of doing a simple and easy look which incorporates the White Kohl and doesn’t look ghostly at...
coastal scents hot pot wisteria review+ coastal scents+ hot pot
Hi All, I am loony about Purple..I adore purple jewellery, blushes, bedsheets, everything! Infact, I spoke so much about the color to my FIL that he had my room painted Purple before my wedding :) So sweet right? Anyways, for those of you who don't know, I've only recently started dabbling...

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