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Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask open
Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Mask Review Hey, beautiful ladies! Do you love sandwiches? I am sure you do! Then you must have eaten a lettuce leaf. But what if I tell you to apply one on your face? Well, that is what I exactly did when I applied this face mask....
Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask reviews
Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask Review Hello Lovelies, This is my first review on “wiseshe”, I am writing my review on FRUIT ENZYME FACE MASK by “OXYGLOW”, Please read on :) I came across this product when I was on a casual hunt for buying a face pack (cream-alike) that is easy to...
FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack Review Hand Swatch+best skin care products
FabIndia  Charcoal Face Pack Hi Ladies, Today I  am going to review a new face pack from FabIndia,  the FabIndia  Charcoal Face Pack. Charcoal in beauty products seems to be a hot favorite as of now with many companies. So as soon as this hit the shelves…I grabbed it.     About Fab India Charcoal...
Clear up blemish mask review+blemish mask reviews clear up+Beauty formulae masks
While cleaning my refrigerator yesterday to make space for the weekend groserry shopping I came across Blemish mask which I was planning to use since a month but it's Lush which is always in my mind when it comes to face masks so this one got ignored. Yesterday, while reading...

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