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new white hair color trends
Hi There! Hope you all are doing well! I am here today to share with you the latest trends in hair color pertaining to white color. Yes! I am not kidding. I am sure you already have seen it going trendy. 2016 has actually been a year of white hair...
How To Dye Your Hair Lilac The cool trend of pastel shades is taking over. The gorgeous pastel shades are not just limited to nail paints or attires but now the trend has moved to a new level where pastel hair is the new thing to do. The traditional brown/ black...
hair color review
My Recent Hair Color Experience Hello Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the sunny winter afternoons just like me. I am here to share my recent hair color experience with you all. I hope you remember I got my hair color changed to dark brown a few months ago and I...

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