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DIY masks for your hair Dry hairs catch others attention more than yours and are quite embarrassing at times. There is nothing much you could do to people gazing at your rough and dry hairs that are not manageable as well. What can be done for such hairs to avoid...
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Hair Treatments That You Can Do At Home Hair care is one thing which is the most important and sought after thing for every female. However, we hardly find time to do things for ourselves given the busy lives. No matter how much we splurge on different types of shampoos...
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Garlic Hair Mask Recipes For Hair Growth Since ancient times, garlic has been used extensively as an important condiment in food.  Garlic has been known for its numerous health and medicinal benefits. It is widely used in food preparations like chutneys, pickles, curry powders, tomato ketchups. But do you know that...
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5 Hydrating Hair Masks   Roughness and dullness in hair is a strict no-no. None of us want our hair to look frizzy. Good moisturizing is always needed as roughness makes hair weak and brittle too. Trying out some DIY hair masks can help your dry hair a lot. If you use...

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